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Make-up remover care, make cosmetics your advantage

by:Zanyu     2021-05-06
At present, China's economic development momentum is booming. With the expansion of this situation, it has promoted the economic development of all walks of life in the country, presenting a prosperous scene. With the advancement of women's status, the OEM cosmetics industry has grown stronger, and the dripping and powerful effects of OEM cosmetics have made modern women increasingly dependent on OEM cosmetics. In our impression, a white-collar worker is a slender tall figure, with a gorgeous face, long hair that reaches the waist, and will not go out without makeup. Yes, the white-collar workers in our impression are so, and it is the same in real life. You can find that 90% of the MMs walking on the street will wear beautiful makeup, at least they will apply a BB cream. I don’t know if you will be uncomfortable with makeup all day long. I must be uncomfortable, so how do we take care of it after get off work? Before we take care, we must learn how to remove makeup: 1. Clean your hands before removing makeup to prevent the bacteria on your hands from contaminating the makeup remover. 2. Do not wipe vigorously when removing makeup, and the technique should follow the texture of the skin. 3. In principle, remove the more colored and heavier parts, such as eye shadow and lipstick, before cleaning other parts. 4. Don't forget to clean the hairline, otherwise it is easy to cause bacterial infection and induce acne. 5. Even if your makeup remover is a multifunctional product, don’t forget to clean it again with a cleansing product suitable for your skin after removing your makeup. 6. Rinse with warm water, because cold water has poor cleaning power for oils, and hot water can easily cause dry skin. After we remove our makeup, we can have a comfortable treatment before going to bed. The skin can no longer stand the makeup for a day, so we have to comfort our skin. The first step of care: use facial cleanser to clean the skin, so that the skin has a clean and refreshing state; the second step of care: perform a 15-minute mask treatment, after cleaning, we need to add water to the skin, so that The skin stays moisturized; the third step of care: After the mask liquid is absorbed, we apply a layer of lotion to the skin, pat it gently, and absorb it slowly, which not only moisturizes but also locks in water. In such a fast-paced society, Guangzhou facial mask oem manufacturers will undoubtedly give you a reminder that if you usually go to work and put on makeup, but you don’t take care of your makeup after get off work, your so-called youth will soon leave you. There is no remedy, this cosmetic is not an advantage for you, but a disadvantage.
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