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Makeup cosmetics OEM: how to distinguish true and false

by:Zanyu     2020-10-22
Cosmetics OEM: how to distinguish true and false because markets cosmetics brand cosmetics raw materials is uneven, counterfeiters become more and more, from the bottle to the product color, texture, ordinary consumers simply do not know the difference between true and false, need to understand some resolution skills. 1, see printing: if printing edge is not neat, is imitation goods probability is bigger, as some products are very delicate, lipstick, bottles and other rigid package is raised on the flower, not printed, appearance is very delicate, the flower on the box is not printing, very AoTuGan. 2, see built: like cleanser need extrusion products, all products are lavishing probability is bigger, fake cosmetics in the body like the filling of the air, body obviously remarked in inferior colloidal materials. Paste body stripe also is compared commonly equilibrium clear cosmetics, replicas are mixed. 3, smell: authentic cosmetics usually taste is very light, very natural, pure and fresh quietly elegant, give a person find the scenery pleasing to both the enjoyment. Replicas are more fragrance, incense, the taste of cheap perfume, this is a relatively large risk of replicas. 4, look to whether produce gas: microorganisms can produce all kinds of gas in the growth process. 5, see turbid degree: liquid cosmetics in microbial breeding cosmetics turbidity is not clear. 6, see color: nutrition classes or hair cosmetics, with lighter color. 7, see consistency: emulsion cosmetics such as shake, substandard cosmetics will flow faster, due to viscosity is not enough to open the bottle cap inclined to make a small amount of liquid flow, the flow of liquid drop shaped, qualified cosmetics is a fine line. 8, see if cream thin: cosmetics generally contain starch, protein and fat.
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