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Manufacturer of shower gel for some tips when buying a shower gel

by:Zanyu     2020-12-09

shower gel manufacturer to remind you: we pay attention to when selecting bath dew? Most people when choosing bath products generally just smell smell or advertising. Actually when buy, in addition to products to conform to the requirements of the relevant standards, can also pay attention to the following:

shower gel manufacturer suggested smelling fragrance: general scent into the human essence and natural spices, artificial fragrance smell more pungent, smell heavy chemical products; And more comfortable, natural perfume smells fragrant time should not be too long. Remind everyone pay attention to when: fragrances can cause skin inflammation, appear even the phenomenon such as dizziness, so we suggest aromatic nature, not about product. Comfort: measurement can take a little products in the back of hand, see whether the skin will appear discomfort, if there is discomfort must not use, because you are likely to be allergic to this product. PH measurement: if the condition allows pH test paper test may be used. Human epidermal skin is a weak acid, pH value in 4. 5 - 6. Between 5, average man of about 4. 5 - 6. 0, the female is about 5. 0 - 6. 5; Other skin types have different pH: oily skin is about 5. 6 - 6. Is about 4 0, dry skin. 5 - 5. Is about 4 0, normal skin. 5 - 5. Is about 6 0, dark sore skin. 8.

shower gel manufacturer recommends buying shower gel principle (3 w Inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking) : most people choose shower gel, through several channels, such as advertising, friends recommend, or listen to the introduction of the seller. Actually what kind of method appropriate? In addition to refer to the above information, the elder brother to introduce a principle of '3 w' - — Inspection, auscultation and olfaction, inquiry, and pulse-taking. Hope: choosing shower gel, PH value to pay special attention to, typically on the bottle or box indicate the PH value, pay special attention to see. One of the surface of the skin PH value in the 4. 5 - 6. Between 5 and weak acid. Parasitic on a person's skin at the same time all sorts of bacteria, including good living bacteria and harmful bacteria, weak acid environment conducive to the growth of probiotics, maintain skin flora balance, as a natural barrier to protect our body, it is not easy to get sick. Smell: before buying to book a smell nose, because a lot of types, shower gel, choose a suitable for yourself or your family aroma bath LouBa. However, there are still a little trick to tell everybody, is to learn to distinguish between natural and artificial spices flavor spices, try to choose natural flavor components of shower gel. Q: when the choose and buy, in addition to ask about the history of manufacturing enterprise background, professional background, brand reputation, such as aloe bath dew, choose according to different type of skin lotion, don't choose the wrong. So, choose shower gel before you know your skin type. In general, a dry skin to fall and winter season the skin becomes dry, so you can choose nourishing body wash.

shower gel manufacturer recommends buying baby shower gel, containing the plant formula generally refers to the composition of bath dew contains more than two or three kinds of plant extracts, in fact, called plant formula is not necessarily the ingredients are all plants, when choosing, mother must see whether there are other components against baby's skin. Clue: baby eczema is unfavorable use bath dew. Some babies wet I rash reason is because the skin is too dry, because the baby on the skin grease secretion, it is not a lot of originally, if give baby wash away all the grease when clean the skin, the baby's skin can all directly exposed to air, moisture evaporates faster, it will be more difficult good baby wet I rash. Therefore, beautiful belle, strong wet rash baby I never for I can't use baby soap, baby shower gel also want to use less, as far as possible need not. After washing, also remember to apply lotion moisturizing.

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