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Manufacturing shampoo/must protect hair cream what formalities?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-26

general situation to market marketing must plan ahead: the trademark registration, sanitation quarantine permit and production permit, business license, some service platform must report the original factory. Looking for shampoo manufacturers cooperation before, must know about the shampoo OEM OEM technical professional entrepreneurs have what certificate?

a: business license, OEM cosmetics production approval, medical machinery, sterilizing health permits, moreover also must accord with the requirements of GMP to build hundreds of grade clean workshop, according to the ISO9001 quality system certification, also is a high-tech enterprise, various awards and body.

shampoo factory fits mainly from research and development strength, production capacity and environmental qualification to evaluate three aspects.

OEM processing factory r&d engineer qualification? R&d engineer experience? In the wash protect the professional strengths? Factory hygiene standards? Through ISO22716, GMPC certification? Hundreds of level production workshop? …. The stand or fall of r&d strength determines the quality of the product!

how many set of pot? How much you have line? According to the hygienic standards set by the state production? In addition to the disinfection are also important raw materials, packaging material, no disinfection prone to deterioration problems.

C, green credentials:

a lot of people will think that environmental protection it doesn't matter with our customer, this view is wrong. Product sales in the market, if the end consumer manufacturer always hear the problems of environmental protection, make customer feel this factory is very messy and not health, so a lot of loss.

so choose to have an aptitude for environmental protection power plant is very be necessary!

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