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Mask manufacturer to tell you what is really good mask!

by:Zanyu     2020-12-01

but as we age, we think the face dry, feel no water? That's because our bodies of water will run off, if not timely apply face film hydrating, skin will become more and more rough. Then the mask OEM: why do you want to recommend this face film? Let mask manufacturers to tell you

dry skin of makeup look, really like 'the long drought meet sweet rain' cracked earth. Once the skin water shortage, all kinds of skin problems one by one is coming. Acne, blain blain, held a wave of something new.

would you like me, dresser filled up with all kinds of bottles and mask, but the skin problems a also can't hide.

although autumn wins spring toward, but autumn wins a machete! A cool wind blows over, as we in the face with a dry peeling, autumn wind it to walk quietly, quietly don't leave a trace of water!

1) its mask is biomass of graphene materials, can be described as a black mask in the science and technology, we all know that the biomass of graphene material exceptionally good adsorption, can adsorb dust and color makeup residue, inhibit bacteria, prevent acne.

(2) the essence of the mask on many, mask holding cloth soft waxy waxy, the pattern is hexagonal, put more feeling than ordinary mask on the face cloth pressed, no dead Angle of 360 degrees, and very breathable.

3. Hydrating effect is very good, because it far infrared emission features, can open pores, and let the mask the absorption of better and faster, and generate negative ions can also antioxidant anti-aging, ing is really the perfect mask.

graphene film membrane cloth five features:

➊ strong adsorption capacity, adsorption dust, dirt and make-up residue

➋ slow and regulate the blain blain skin good soothing effect.

➌ temperature effect feeling, open the pores of the skin, improve skin

➍ generates negative ions, negative ions have antioxidant anti-aging, fight against free radicals.

➎ natural environmental protection, graphene is derived from plant biomass straw corn cob.

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