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Mask manufacturers said the price high for a mask on?

by:Zanyu     2020-12-02

they say you get what you pay for, get rid of the artificial service, operating costs, raw materials, packaging, face film manufacturers also have to earn money. The mask manufacturers how to make money? There is no doubt that is based on material above laid hands on him. Key by general facial mask, moisturizing hydrating ingredients, preservatives, and its effect. A mask to use, look at the three component basis to distinguish.

the use of mask, has always been held the value part, is to make OEM skin care, apply face film is a relaxation process, so from the mask paper into the essence, I always demanding.

the first membrane cloth extremely frivolous, tencel fabric, thickness of only 0. 1 mm, joint skin, my face has almost no presence, no burden.

1, the essence ingredients you

the key essence ingredients, are some expensive essence ingredients, function sex is strong, the skin effect, excitant small. Mask itself belongs to gather medical category, expensive mask can see in a very good actual effect, Although only stay for a day or two) 。

2, USES the food grade stainless steel preservatives or don't add preservatives

choose potassium sorbate the food preservatives, food can add preservatives, can be applied immediately. Used in OEM skin care products, is the safety of relativity. Or some good mask to considering the sensitive skin, resolute don't add preservatives ~

3, design and tailoring is facial plastic

according to the work experience, low price guarantee with the face in the mask of joint is very little. And expensive mask this line do well ~ on behalf of the nutritional value is also much greater digestion and absorption.

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