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Mask manufacturers to teach you how should apply face film

by:Zanyu     2020-11-21

now due to the absorption of the skin, apply the mask when the key or by reference to apply face film, not the essence of what is, for many out of elite fluid can be used on the neck and body, apply face film for a long time but can lead to excessive skin hydration, bear. In general, the application of the mask is best time for 15 minutes, according to some unique mask, and even can't more than ten minutes, the application in accordance with the instructions, please sign, only pursue cheap of avoid by all means.

a, observe the mask composition table before three

general mask, key by moisturizing hydrating ingredients, additives, and its effect. A mask of the heart, look at the three ingredients foundation to distinguish.

2, test the unnecessary essence in the packaging

mask essence of the key that is to say, although the remaining essence more not absolute good, but if be in other aspects can also, this undoubtedly can greatly add cent, this mask is the most basic even halfway kill can also be coated with a layer of essence to apply again.

three off together, bao hou identify print

with the ring finger and thumb knead facial mask in the corner of rub a rub carefully think about, general loom mask is relatively strong and in general is a 'press down and can slowly and play' situation; Now appeared a lot of thin face, chose it can accord with face and face more and more compacted material, also can let the essence in the facial mask is more comprehensive, and defects is very, very easy to kill.

4 and observe the whole process application

on both sides must observe the BiLiangGu well when apply face film, lip weeks is clingy, stick. According to the work experience, too low price can guarantee with the face in the mask accord with very little, and apply face film during the whole process of the mask will dry. After must pay attention to apply face film is pore greaten, if color of skin dark heavy!

five tips, apply face film

1. Mask can't apply for too long, usually 15 - 20 minutes for the best, don't apply too long oh, mask too long can make the skin more and more sensitive! 2. Using mask mask can not apply too much, too much will cause the skin dry, sensitive, acne, normal skin, film of face of 2 - a week 3 times is ok.

3。 Homemade mask must pay attention to, this kind of mask has the quite big risk, poor and even can cause allergies.

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