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Mask manufacturers to teach you how to distinguish between medical mask and ordinary mask

by:Zanyu     2020-10-28

if someone ask you: do you know the medical mask? Would you answer the mask is not all the same? Is a different material and function. In taobao search medical mask, suddenly come out a lot of brands, are freaked out, so many brand how should I choose? You want to choose and buy of medical mask, the mask to show you have some information about what is medical mask, and we should be how to distinguish medical mask and ordinary mask.

what is medical mask?

medical mask belong to the category of medical skin care products, between skin care products and medicine. , the essential difference between medical mask and ordinary mask is drugstore production specifications is to comply with the provisions of drug quality standard, regardless of whether there is additive, is no sensitive or low sensitivity of the basic standards.

usually, medical mask has several features:

1. Aseptic production

medical mask using aseptic production, including purification production workshop and medical grade raw materials and so on. Is the production of other ordinary mask is very difficult to achieve conditions.

2。 Formula to streamline effective

medical mask formula to streamline, does not add any additives. Product safety and effectiveness are experimental and clinical validation. Simple summary is: composition of clear, strong pertinence.

3。 More professional

medical mask pre-ipo integration too many hospitals clinical verify the clinical efficacy and safety of products, ensure that the adjuvant treatment of skin disease have a certain.

4。 Clear effect, pertinence of

medical mask to differentiate efficacy precise, for different type of skin, the condition of different skin targeted for repair. Medical beauty, for example, after surgery, with peptide, amino acid, hyaluronic acid composition such as medical mask, can promote the healing of postoperative wound.

how to differentiate between medical mask and ordinary mask?

we must first check whether mask on the packaging of indicate: name, specifications, manufacturers, component, function, usage, precautions, and marked the hygiene licence ( Who's makeup is a kind or machinery shop name) And standards.

must not keen on gaining petty advantages and impatient to work fast, medical mask because of its efficacy components and strict production standards, often several times expensive than normal facial mask, a few yuan a stick can't be a surgical mask! Is good, of course, is not expensive, some facial mask as the joined XXX, can in a short period of time to repair your skin, whiten, spot, acne removing a few days or a week or two, these must be unreliable!

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