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【 Mask OEM 】 Little knowledge about apply face film

by:Zanyu     2020-12-02

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【 Mask OEM 】 Little knowledge about apply face film

a, apply face film is first aid first I choose, need to apply everyday?

a: mask are reinforced organic OEM skin care products, the effect of maintaining time is shorter, so don't put the mask as a program of basic organic OEM skin care, will use every day. Appear on the skin condition, is the most I good at repairing the skin after sunburn mask OEM, need to use under the condition of emergency care, effect is more obvious. Of course, if the state of the skin has been also good, mask OEM generation of processing plants, can also be two times a day for mask to keep this good state. Whitening mask is absolutely I can't to apply every day, more haste, less speed.

2, the mask must apply sufficient play a utility to a certain thickness, apply the more thicker the help active ingredients penetrate?

a: not necessarily. Traditional formula of face film, through the thick apply to promote skin surface temperature, promote more ingredients permeate, so need to apply to at least finish cover skin color, sometimes need to be covered with a layer of plastic wrap outside, increase penetration, kept after a period of time to work. 。

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