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Mask OEM production and processing of professional knowledge

by:Zanyu     2020-12-01

apply face film, is the most like many girls gathered at ordinary times maintenance way of application. Now the mask already in the dresser usage is more shocking category, heard that fan bingbing at least a year to apply 700 mask, is also a girl so beautiful apply every day. Must therefore be OEM OEM cosmetics customers most is not easy to want to give up the mask 'birthday cake' do not do this. Facial OEM before, you know how is this a gaudy glass membrane manufacturing out? !

how to the merits of the difference between a mask? How much is a piece of glass membrane including essence ingredients? products OEM manufacturer will give you explain this problem.

the mask effect principle

mask effect principle is according to the enclosed glass membrane skin cover, driving the skin pores open slowly, correctly guide water and essence ingredients gradually penetrate into the skin cutin layer of thin, thin cuticle cells in the humid environment full of moisture and nutrients absorption, jade-like stone embellish skin will look look with luster. Can the pores of the skin upon open on behalf of the mask should have excellent cater to degree; In addition to let the skin absorb a lot of nutrition elements, also must face film material for elite fluid has excellent load work ability.

the mask of the production process

production and processing the regulation of OEM skin care products on the environment is very harsh, so also face film production and processing, production and manufacturing environment of gas cleaning level must exceed the prescribed, clerk, into the assembly shop must change of clean clothes, and do a good job of the disinfection sterilization. All goods must be in accordance with the requirements of GMP factory production and manufacturing, in what is called GMP assembly shop?

here only a typical example: there is a laminar flow environment by the all GMP industrial workshop, laminar millions, thousands and thousands of grade level of the main parameters refers to this kind of environment, there are many particles (1 cubic interior space Dust, bacteria spore, etc. ) , the smaller the geometric progression on behalf of the environment more clean and tidy, such as thousands of level 1 cubic gas in the laminar on behalf of the environment in a maximum of 10000 particles, only general mask production and processing all grades of millions of laminar flow or 10000 laminar flow.

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