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Mask processing plants, it will tell you the mask is how processing

by:Zanyu     2020-12-10

a strict management of the production workshop is

mask processing facility necessary GMP certification by the United States and the European Union to carry out production and manufacturing, there is a laminar natural environment by the all GMP standard factory building, laminar flow points millions, hundreds and thousands, refers to the level of the main parameters is such a natural environment there is how many objects (1 cubic interior space Dust, bacteria spores, etc. ) , the smaller the geometric progression on behalf of the natural environment more clean and tidy, and this kind of standard manufacturing industrial workshop is to make a mask after approval to relevant laws and regulations units of production. In addition, the requirements of GMP in the production, storage, transportation and other fields often have strict rules.

2 it is to the regulation of production personnel

mask processing mask production staff business skills, the technical process and operation have to be very understanding, production personnel have to deal with health card, etc. Mask processing factory production personnel into the workshop must be put on professional clean clothes, and be in accordance with the provisions of parameter values for disinfection sterilization can be for production practice.

three is the requirement of production management specification

mask processing for each interval, rational layout, regularly carry out workshop environment monitoring, production site neat order, cannot be stored has nothing to do with the production of goods; Intermediate products, to effectively various batches, materials, products to conform to the requirements of the process, to prevent cross contamination; Have detailed batch production records, inspection records, personnel training, equipment maintenance records

four is about the quality of raw materials and the control

mask processing and purchasing to the supplier assessment and management, effectively show me ticket is complete, ensure the traceability of raw materials; According to the material acceptance, acceptance system with special storage requirements for raw material storage under specific conditions; Quality director to meet the prescribed qualifications or title and executing ability; Mask processing plants to establish corresponding to the scale of production and product type of laboratory, the corresponding inspection ability.

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