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【 Mask processing] The difficulties that should pay attention to apply face film

by:Zanyu     2020-12-01

don't apply the mask to wash

1 piece try to mask

chip mask is like a dose of strong heart, I quickly make skin white, tender, I now use one of the most common and most I fully functional mask. Generally face mask contains about 20 ml emulsion essence, after use, can slowly massage digestion, absorption, to face the rest of the emulsion is digestion and absorption, at the moment your face already have a thin layer of reinforced protective layer, can need not wash out, can undertake the maintenance operation procedure, after the girls management decisions, in terms of the itself skin moisturizing hydrating mask agent processing OEM, oil-soluble skin and sensitive skin or suggest use cold water to remove, and then wipe skin fresh and water emulsion or hydrating cream. Also, the state of tear film of face of need from down to up.

(2) disposable mask

this is a sleep mask, sleep under the condition of help hydrate the skin more moisturizing hydrating, the second day of water dangdang skin. However, if a layer of full uniform can wipe. Too much can cause skin to look into working pressure, the endocrine system to reduce, the skin is more dark. If concerns would rub on clothes and trousers or pillow core, can be used on the surface of the single and double make up cotton slowly touch, remove redundant part.

note oh, face film acting processing OEM, sleep mask of disposable only at a certain time range without washing, rather than not to wash. Sleep before apply the mask is the most I can good at 6 - Eight hours to make clear, prevent to prevent skin absorption and metabolic rate. So after a night, or in the morning should wash it hard and then rub on articles for daily use of moisturizing hydrating products.

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