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Mixed skin care must know: T zone care focuses on water and oil balance

by:Zanyu     2021-06-03

  Combination skin is a relatively common skin type, which has both oily skin and dry skin. It is oily in the T zone of the face and dry in other parts, so it is mixed compared to oily skin and dry skin. The maintenance and care methods of sexual skin are more particular. Therefore, OEM skin care experts pointed out that the maintenance of mixed skin focuses on the water-oil balance of the T-zone skin.


  T zone care focus 1: Clean


   pregnant mothers with mixed skin should pay attention to when buying facial cleanser Avoid the foam type, choose a mild and refreshing rice facial cleanser with a certain cleansing effect, focusing on cleansing the oily skin of the forehead, nose, mouth and jaw area, and lightly wipe the cheek area to achieve a comprehensive cleansing effect. In the cleansing process, you can also wash your face alternately with hot and cold water. You can wash the T zone with warm and hot water, and then wash the entire face with cold water.


  T zone care point 2: Exfoliating


  Comparison of exfoliating mixed skin in one week one more time. If the stratum corneum on the face is too thick, it will affect the absorption of the skin and will not provide the maintenance effect of OEM skin care products. Therefore, it is very important to remove old dead skin cells. For pregnant mothers with mixed skin, because the T zone is oilier and the pores are larger, and the cheeks may be neutral or dry, you can choose a pore-shrinking mask to apply to the T zone, and the moisturizing mask to apply to the cheeks and forehead.


  T zone care point 3: Use toner


  Be careful not to use alcohol-containing toner when choosing toner for mixed skin It is better to choose a special toner for pregnant women with moisturizing effect. The rice toner under the OEM skin care brand during pregnancy is refreshing and non-greasy, and can give the skin a certain amount of moisture and nourishment. When using it, pregnant mothers can first moisten a cotton pad and wipe gently along the skin lines. It can also be used as a water film. Apply it on the oily area and do not apply it for more than ten minutes. The oil control effect is very good.


  T zone care key 4: Put on lotion


   Many pregnant mothers feel that their faces are already very oily. Applying lotion again will increase the burden on the skin, so just a little bit of toner and it's done. But in fact, this is a key step for moisturizing and oil control. Once the skin lacks moisture, it will secrete more oil, which will cause the oil to become more and more serious. Therefore, when choosing emulsions for mixed skin, pay attention to its moisturizing and oil control effects, so that the skin Restore proper water and oil balance.



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