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My skin gets worse during pregnancy, is it all right after giving birth?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-08

   said that every pregnant mother is more beautiful. In fact, only when I have really experienced it can I understand that all fairy tales are deceptive.


   When you are pregnant, you have to put down a lot. You have to take off the exquisite high heels that you used to love, and the beautiful clothes and skirts have to be secretly stored in the closet. But these are actually external. Many pregnant mothers worry about the harm of OEM cosmetics to the baby in their abdomen. In October, pregnant women do not take care of skin care or make-up, which causes their skin to become worse and worse. But the people around will always comfort and say, it's okay, just wait for you to give birth to the baby.


   Many people have a misunderstanding that they can't use anything when they feel pregnant. If so, how do you let those pregnant celebrity mothers live. They put on makeup every time they attended, and they gave birth to healthy babies. I have always felt that during pregnancy, we should not do things that we should not do. But there are some things we can control. For example, skin care.


  1. Basic skin care cannot be less.


   In fact, we can use some basic hydrating OEM skin care products. These are no harm. If you are still worried about the problem, you can use OEM skin care brands that are available to pregnant women. , The first domestic skin care brand for pregnant women. For those skin-whitening and spot-lightening products, in short, skin care products with other functions besides moisturizing are recommended not to be used during pregnancy, as the ingredients contained in them will still have a certain impact.


  2, face acne, dark circles and other special situations


   acne Acne usually belongs to endocrine disorders. Either you have a strong heart, or you are depressed and puzzled. This will also cause your skin to deteriorate to a certain extent.




   (1) Pay attention to diet. It is better to be light during pregnancy. Maybe some mothers love spicy food after pregnancy, but the frequency must be controlled. Because eating too spicy, it will cause irritation, more prone to acne, will aggravate constipation, cause hemorrhoids and so on.


   (2) Use a more natural mask.


   I used to apply facial masks before, and I also saw recommendations during pregnancy: soy milk sleeping mask, pregnant women can use


   because occasionally Acne and dark circles are so rampant that I have to use first aid measures. I have plenty of time, so I slice cucumber, potato or yogurt mask myself. Of course, what you can eat can make your face, and I feel relieved and reliable. The effect is also very good.


  Some people will ask: Can I put on makeup during pregnancy?


   Answer: Usually not recommended. If there is a very formal and important occasion, it is okay to draw occasionally. But we must pay attention to remove makeup. (If you put on lipstick, please wipe it off before eating, and refill it after eating.)


   Today I shared with you all the ones I have used. Practical method. I hope it will be helpful to the mothers.


   also wish all mothers-to-be all beautiful during pregnancy!


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