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Nasal swelling and acne, how should pregnant women take care of their skin

by:Zanyu     2021-05-27
Affected by a variety of factors, some pregnant women find that their noses become red and swollen without knowing when, which hinders their appearance and often feel uncomfortable. Why do pregnant women have nasal swelling? When nasal swelling occurs, how can pregnant mothers relieve it? The OEM skin care specialist during pregnancy believes that nasal swelling is generally divided into external and internal causes.  1. The external cause of redness and swelling of the nose   In cold weather, if you go out without any protection, you will also experience redness and swelling due to a cold nose. This must be remembered. When going out when it is particularly cold, it is better to use a mask or a scarf to protect your face. Only in this way can you ensure that your nose will not be red and swollen due to the cold. 2. The swelling of the nose is caused by the redness and swelling of the nose. It may be caused by the infection of your nose. For example, if you have acne or acne, and eating hot peppers, it can also cause inflammation. Redness and swelling on the nose. It may also be because the nose has been in a dry state for a long time, and the surface of the skin has been dehydrated and peeled, causing redness and swelling.   The redness and swelling of the nose caused by internal factors should be relieved from several aspects. If it is caused by eating spicy foods, pregnant mothers should change their eating habits, stop eating spicy or greasy foods, eat more light foods, so that there will not be so much in their body Accumulated fire will reduce the risk of nose and head infections. When cleaning your face, you must pay attention to cleaning the nose, because there are a lot of blackheads here, and there will be a lot of bacterial invasion, you can use a mild cleanser to cleanse, or use an appropriate amount of exfoliating products.   In addition, if the nose is innocently red and swollen without pain, pregnant mothers can also massage the nose to circulate the blood in the nose, thereby eliminating the redness and swelling. But remember, if you have acne or acne, you can't use massage, otherwise it will cause T-zone infection and cause more skin problems.   Pregnant red nose not only hinders the appearance, but also brings discomfort to the pregnant mother. during pregnancy should not only pay attention to facial OEM skin care, pregnant mothers should not forget to clean and moisturize the nose, but also pay attention to daily nose cleaning to avoid bacterial infections, causing acne, acne and other skin problems.
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