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Neck leaks women’s age, grasp the three key points of pregnancy care skin care during pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2021-05-28
Pregnancy is the first turning point for women's skin downhill in their lives. Under the influence of progesterone, most pregnant mothers will encounter unprecedented skin crises and face skin aging, dark yellow and other problems. In order to maintain a moisturized and clear skin during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have begun to use pregnant women's OEM skin care products for skin repair and maintenance. But it often overlooks neck care that is more likely to reveal the age of women.   How should the neck skin be taken care of? Women during pregnancy should focus on three aspects: moisturizing, sun protection, and exfoliation.   Moisturizing: Use a neck cream that is firmer and heavier than normal creams, and you can use it both morning and evening. First apply it lightly on your chest, and then gently massage your neck with your hands from the bottom up.  Sunscreen: Use a sunscreen for pregnant women that is close to the skin tone to apply to your neck, which can cover spots and sun burns. It is recommended to apply it every day after wearing a bra and before wearing a shirt to give it enough time to absorb.   Exfoliating: Choose exfoliating products for pregnant women, which can gently exfoliate and promote collagen production.   The neck skin is aging, and there are obvious fine lines on the neck. Pregnant mothers can moisturize and hydrate through daily care, combine with appropriate massage techniques to promote the absorption of OEM skin care essence, and pay attention to neck sun protection throughout the year. Exfoliating once a week can also accelerate the metabolism of the neck skin, but pay attention to controlling the frequency to avoid damaging the surface of the skin.
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