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Need to alert to what cosmetics during pregnancy?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-31

a pregnant mother will be found that during pregnancy, facial skin will appear many problems, it can be said to be for the pregnant mother wanting a bolt from the blue. But at this time many of the pregnant mother will use cosmetics to make up for, but because pregnant women body is special, so there is quite a number of cosmetics is can't use, what cosmetics that needed to be aware during pregnancy?

what OEM cosmetics need to alert during pregnancy? For pregnant women, makeup should be with quietly elegant is advisable, use less as far as possible the cosmetics. One can use cleanser etc to keep skin moisture, at the same time combined with the essence and mask, slowing the rate of skin aging. In order to ensure, avoid using alcohol, essence, heavy metals, mineral oil and other harmful ingredients of cosmetics, through sorting, everybody is pregnant women need to pay more attention to the following cosmetics:

( 1) Lipstick its composition containing lanolin, waxy, dyes, spices, etc. , all of these ingredients cause allergy easily, especially for pregnant women. Including lanolin and strong adsorption, can adsorption various harmful trace elements in the air, and can absorb easily into the fetal body microorganisms such as e. coli, as well as a certain number of osmosis. Therefore, pregnant women after applying lipstick, some harmful substances in the air will be adsorbed on the lips, and, when to talk and eat with the saliva into the body, thus affect the fetus.

( 2) Hair dye hair dye sensitization of sex is very high, and some hair dye contains carcinogens, for pregnant women, can be spread in the fetus, may cause fetal abnormalities. Therefore, pregnant women and after menstruation to be not moved, unfavorable use hair dye.

( 3) Cold finishing it can not only increase the damage degree of the hair, pregnant women can also affect the normal growth and development of fetus in pregnant women. Domestic existing cold essence of contacts crossover operator and mutation function and teratogenic effect of report. Therefore, pregnant women should be disable cold essence.

what cosmetics need to alert during pregnancy? Pregnant mothers have in the use of cosmetics or and new mothers, before the use of cosmetics will pay attention to the above three kinds of cosmetics, beauty is not a bad thing, but to maintain beauty should also be on the premise of the correct use of all kinds of cosmetics. Here you can try more pregnant women skin care series, including soybean milk cleanser series is for the maternal woman skin characteristics and research and development, the mild formula, and reliable.

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