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No silicone oil shampoo acting processing OEM OEM production

by:Zanyu     2020-11-25

according to more than 10 years shampoo OEM/ODM customer marketing Internet industry experience to help customers make appropriate resolution and management decisions. Scientific research potential sales of shampoo, goods supply and demand of correlation, adopt appropriate marketing strategy, must consider sales market, improve enterprise operational theme activities of economic benefits, for customers to choose products, supplement, brand strategy planning, marketing strategy and so on level one to one tutoring.

shampoo market demand analysis of the theme include:

1, the types of shampoo and commodity steel structure design

2, brand concept definition

3, shampoo marketing channel analysis

4, periodic and regional function analysis

5, summarize the types of customers to buy sales

technology professional shampoo OEM/ODM OEM generation of processing one-stop service shampoo shampoo is relatively more soap base class on the market, in recent years, the new idea is a silicone oil shampoo ( This kind of relative cost to expensive, may also need to see quality of shampoo; Due to no silicone oil shampoo can also known as: amino acid shampoo. )

shampoo agent processing operation method:

1. Show the goods from the customers all packaging materials, shampoo shampoo manufacturers only cover material manufacturing, canned, packaged delivery

2. The sample (s) show the goods from the customers, shampoo manufacturers v content (full of the total goods Contain shampoo shampoo, shampoo material manufacturing, commodity packaging material material body cans, packaging, delivery and so on a series of work all generations in the factory) Have mastered this, about 7 above problem most often refer to the answer:

1. Common stock shampoo, can choose manufacturing shampoo

2. Have customers own shampoo packing, how to do can.

3。 Shampoo loading specifications proposal: 20 bottles of 1000 ml shampoo/box, 24 bottles/case, 550 ml to 750 ml shampoo shampoo bottles/case, 350 ml40 36 bottles/case, crates shampoo containing manipulation within 20 kg, suit. Some other level problem, customers can according to their own requirements to carry out the change of practice is not very difficult.

we have many years of 'natural' perseverance, commitment to the broad masses of customers to provide ODM/OEM/OBM service we, from a technical standard, manufacture standard to brand standards, pursuit. OEM OEM cosmetics manufacturer custom, we have a attitude are extensive hair, manufacturing, brand service and education is a body comprehensive company

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