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Not to wear on the other hand what is the effect? Only the milk is not clean water

by:Zanyu     2020-10-24
On the other hand is used every day must be a lot of, on the other hand is also the most basic skincare steps, so not what effect will the brush on the other hand, only the breasts are not so what is the effect of clean water, and see it below. Not to wear on the other hand what is the effect? Wipe not toning, this is not a must, is according to each person's habits, if not to wear no serious consequences, some people never use cosmetics, but also better skin. But on the other hand are all has the very good moisturizing nourishing effect, for skin water shortage of the crowd, if not to wear the other for a long time, more water can cause skin cells, dry skin peeling, dry lines, oil and other skin problems. Wipe your breasts are not only the influence of water: the function of the emulsion of hydrating and lock water, but no good toner, hydrating effect should not be directly in the emulsion. Toner: 1, the toner can deep clean the skin, thoroughly remove the residual acid alkali molecules. 2, toner can keep PH balance. The skin is an acidic environment, toner another important role is to help to adjust PH to achieve ideal acid environment. 3, toner can supplement moisture. The completion of skin metabolism function requires a lot of water. On the other hand often need to change? Vary from person to person. Under normal circumstances, the other is not to need to change, often have to do is to change only in certain period, such as seasons, or skin appear some problems, at ordinary times, if use harmonization with the original is very good, the skin also will be a problem, you don't need to change often, so that I may not suitable to the other hand, it can produce stimulation to the skin. Change garments according to the need to change the other? All said the woman at least a year with two different sets of skin care products, with a set of spring and summer, a set of qiu dong, this is because the spring and summer is warm and comfortable, and autumn and winter is cold and dry, according to different climate, the skin also have different reaction and demand, so the spring and summer is more suitable for harmonization, with refreshing and hydrating and qiu dong is more suitable for harmonization, with its moisturizing ritual that has to be replaced on the other.
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