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Obviously, after doing enough maintenance, the skin still peels off?

by:Zanyu     2021-06-07
It’s the season change again. Various factors such as rising temperatures and large temperature differences can cause severe damage to oily and sensitive skin. The symptoms of dry and peeling skin are obvious. However, many pregnant mothers say that they have done enough maintenance, but the skin is still peeling. Why does this happen? When skin care is carried out step by step, skin problems are still not improved. Pregnant mothers should check whether some OEM skin care details have stepped on the minefield. So are there any tricks for seasonal skin care?   TIPS 1: When washing your face, choose water with no sense of water temperature to wash your face. Insensible water temperature refers to water temperature that does not feel cold or hot to the touch, because too cold water will make it difficult to open the pores and fail to achieve the cleansing effect, while too hot water will easily destroy the sebum film and damage the skin.  TIPS 2: Avoid excessive exfoliation or use cleansing products with too strong cleaning power to avoid injury to the keratin. Some pregnant mothers choose to have a strong cleansing power or frequently use exfoliating products in case the face is not cleaned thoroughly. In fact, it makes the skin more prone to damage. If you must use such products, do not use them frequently, just 1-2 times a week.   TIPS 3: Try to choose products for sensitive skin and skin care products that do not contain alcohol or fragrance. It is known that products for sensitive skin are milder and more harmless than normal skin care products. Some skin care products use alcohol and fragrances in order to enhance the maintenance effect or feeling. Please pay attention when buying them. Pregnant women's skin care should use special skin care products for pregnant women, such as skin care products for pregnant women with the same makeup and food, natural, gentle in nature, and tailor-made for women during pregnancy.   TIPS 4: It is better not to frequently replace different OEM skin care products. There are many skin care brands. Many pregnant mothers want to try the world's skin care products and keep changing skin care products, but in fact, changing skin care products too frequently will make the skin less time to adapt and make the skin more sensitive. If you want to replace the care products, it is better to change them at intervals.  TIPS 5: Reduce irritating foods in daily life, such as fried, spicy and other foods. Since ancient times, fish and bear's paws cannot have both. If you want a moisturized skin, you have to hold back your mouth. Deep-fried and spicy-flavored foods make the body's virtual fire strong, prone to acne or drier skin, not to mention peeling.   TIPS 6: Avoid prolonged exposure to sultry or dusty environments. Dust and sultry molecules are definitely one of the culprits that clog pores and cause skin peeling. If you stay in a stuffy or dusty environment for too long, it is easy to cause an imbalance of water and oil on the skin, which will evolve into peeling.
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