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OEM common problems_OEM production common packaging problems

by:Zanyu     2021-05-26
Recently, many customers who want to make cosmetics oems left me a message on the official website. Someone asked me what oem is. I was surprised. Today I will tell you what an oem is for OEM cosmetics and also popularize some common packaging problems in OEM production. , We need to know that when making cosmetics, we must carefully do every process, because every process can be a product quality problem if we are not careful. What does OEM mean? The so-called OEM refers to the branded goods sold by the production client. Solve the troubles or meet the needs of those companies that have sales strength but are not productive. For details about OEM, please refer to the introduction in OEM commissioned production. Of course, whether to undertake processing commissions from companies in the non-cosmetics industry. Among the companies entrusted with the processing and production of our company are mainly cosmetic companies, and others include salons, brewers, health food vendors, import companies, and farmers. Even in industries that have nothing to do with cosmetics, epoch-making products are sometimes accidentally produced. We are always waiting for your consultation or negotiation. The approximate number of days it takes for delivery depends on the product or the number of batches, and the delivery time will vary. Please consult us for details. When OEM commissions processing, what needs to be prepared by the commissioning party? When OEM commissions processing, the most important thing that needs to be prepared by the commissioning party is undoubtedly the product concept and concept. For details, please refer to the introduction in the OEM cosmetics and commissioned processing undertaking WEB of our company's website. There is no specific cosmetic concept. The above are the common problems of our , but there are also many people who are very confused about the packaging of oem. Because the most problematic in OEM cosmetics is the packaging problem. First of all, we need to know what cosmetic packaging is. The packaging materials mainly include cosmetic bottles (glass bottles, plastic bottles, acrylic bottles), bags (mask bags, eye mask bags, aluminum film tapes, etc.), boxes (single product boxes, sets of boxes) , Packaging problems are often encountered in the production process of cosmetics. Here is a brief introduction to the common problems of cosmetic packaging/containers. 1. Printing problems: the printed text and patterns are blurred and unclear; the printed text and patterns are inconsistent with the design draft; the product name and specifications are not clearly indicated. 2. The cosmetic packaging format does not meet the national requirements and standards. For example, the country requires that the cosmetic packaging must clearly indicate the full name of the manufacturer, the production license, the hygiene license, the sanitation standard, the implementation standard, and QS. Regardless of domestic or imported products, the outer packaging of the product must have Chinese characters. 3. The name and specification of cosmetics, and the product name and specification of the inner and outer packaging of the product are prone to inconsistencies. 4. Cosmetic container capacity. The cosmetic container capacity differs greatly from the marked specifications. For example, the estimated packaging capacity is 50ML, and the actual packaging capacity is 30ML or 70ML. 5. The packaging materials are not complete. For example, a cream bottle is composed of a bottle, a lid, a pull pad, a box, an inner support, and a label. Make sure that the packaging materials are complete. 6. The quality of cosmetic packaging materials is uneven, such as bottles that are easy to break (especially during transportation), poor sealing and easy to leak, and packaging materials have excessive deviation in appearance. Suggestion: The process of producing cosmetic packaging materials needs to be followed up layer by layer, check every production link, communicate more and test more, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss. Guangzhou OEM cosmetics factory has accumulated strong technology and know-how from the rich experience of cosmetics production in the past, which can transform customers' abstract ideas into realizable specific requirements. What the editor tells you today is not very comprehensive. If you want to know about it, go to our official website to learn about other issues.
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