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OEM cosmetics how much minimum quantity

by:Zanyu     2020-09-25
OEM cosmetics how many OEM cosmetics minimum quantity minimum quantity? This is a lot of new customers are concerned about a problem, many customers want to amounts of production mode, so that it can be small to test the product cost. However, OEM cosmetics manufacturer of cosmetics minimum quantity requirement. Size cosmetics manufacturers to the requirement of bottled cosmetics minimum quantity is more, more than 6000 bottles in 5000, even 10000 bottles. OEM cosmetics how much minimum quantity a OEM, cosmetic requirements: customer need OEM cosmetics processing service, need to cosmetics manufacturers to provide the business license, 'registered trademark', such as documents, in the back of the product testing for the record and so on all need to use these data. At the same time, it is necessary to conclude a contract for the relevant text written documents and entrust production. 2, OEM cosmetics minimum quantity requirement: different cosmetics manufacturers, to the requirement of OEM cosmetics minimum quantity is not the same. In a few years ago, all sorts of small size cosmetics manufacturers have, good and evil people mixed up. On the OEM cosmetics minimum quantity standard, has the very big difference, some small workshops on the cosmetics production quantity, dozens of hundreds of people do, but the quality is hard to say. For some formal cosmetics manufacturers have a certain number of requirements on the minimum quantity, the more is around 5000 bottles, mask around 30000 pieces minimum. Cosmetics processing quantity should be according to specific project in 2016, the joining together of two certificates, do out many irregular processing enterprise. OEM for cosmetics, therefore, what is the minimum quantity of this problem, tend to follow the rules of the industry to do, bottled product minimum quantity average at around 5000, mask an average of around 30000 pieces. Of course, OEM cosmetics minimum quantity should be according to the actual cosmetics processing project. Specific details, consult yan cosmetics manufacturer.
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