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OEM cosmetics what procedure to need?

by:Zanyu     2020-09-27
OEM cosmetics what procedure to need? This is just enter the cosmetics industry, many are wondering the problem. You want to do a cosmetics brand, but don't know how to find cosmetics manufacturer cooperation, also don't know what are the processes and procedures. So, here, is about to interested friends said once! A, to the requirement of the business license: cosmetics belong to regulation is strictly an industry, any one for the record online products, there will be the delegate and record producer, that is, OEM cosmetics customers must have the business license to specification. Said the following points: to the requirement of the business license to the requirement of cosmetics trademark: OEM cosmetics need a trademark, is your own brand. Now, you must have the business license to the registered trademark. As long as have its own brand, can entrust the cosmetics manufacturers to produce their own products. If there is no trademark, intellectual melting cosmetics manufacturers to provide trademark registration service, cost is controlled in 1000 yuan, 15 working days. Have the trademark and the business license, and then sign a contract with cosmetics manufacturer, you can begin to OEM cosmetics, in this way, you can have their own brand products. In the process of this cooperation, you only need to provide the business license, trademark, the bud, cosmetics manufacturers to provide one-stop cosmetics generation of processing service, is very simple. OEM cosmetics what procedure to need? From the above analysis, if you want to cooperate and cosmetics manufacturers, it is necessary to provide the business license of the company, as well as cosmetics brand. Because to have these two documents, cosmetics manufacturers to record properly online sales of the products. Picture is just sample, accept product customization, if need to customize please contact VIP service hotline at the company has a variety of patent composition, selection of raw material base. All products can be customized branded as required, free proofing, proxy record filing and inspection, such as one-stop service, lets you easily have its own brand. For details, please inquire the custom skin care products maker professional OEM/ODM OEM OEM, the main production products: face film, cleansing, essence, liquid milk, cream, essential oil, prevent bask in skin care products. Main products and services: OEM cosmetics, OEM cosmetics OEM, mask OEM, youth freeze liquid OEM processing, skin suit the main customer base of OEM brand: cosmetic stores, brands, cosmetics dealers, agents, wechat business, broadcast, etc.
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