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OEM foundry: whitening is king! ! !

by:Zanyu     2021-05-26
As a large number of cosmetics companies in China continue to upgrade their personnel, technology and equipment, more and more foreign OEM cosmetics manufacturers choose them as OEM factories. It is understood that after China joins the World Trade Organization, about one-third of the world's OEM business will be transferred to China. More and more world-renowned manufacturers are transferring production to China, making China a processing plant for global industrial manufacturing. Nowadays, the Guangzhou cosmetics processing factory is doing better and better, and more and more people use cosmetics. According to the survey, whitening is the eternal core of all beauty topics. There are thousands of whitening methods. There are also various effective whitening OEM skin care products on the market, and even many entertainment stars are taking whitening injections, but for us small citizens, daily low-cost maintenance is the most important. Compared with those celebrities, firstly we are not as busy as them, and secondly we are not as rich as them. Therefore, we should do enough daily care work and take care of the skin. Whitening is not a remote matter. . (1) Sun protection is the first priority. Try to avoid going out when the sun is strong. Sunscreen is a powerful weapon to prevent skin tanning, sunburn and aging. Be sure to wipe it before going out, and refill it every two or three hours. (2) Whitening needs to be all year round. Whitening homework needs to be done early, and don't wait for midsummer to take measures. Before the age of 25, the skin is reversible, even if there is melanin deposition, it can slowly return to whiteness; after the age of 25, the skin can only be restored to its original whiteness with the maintenance of whitening products. (3) Vitamins are essential. Vitamin A, C, E, etc., not only can regulate human body functions and improve immunity, but also improve skin tissues and inhibit pigmentation. Usually eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, oranges, cabbage, etc., not only can make the skin white, but also increase the vitality of the skin. (4) Massage to recharge the skin. The capillaries in the dermis are divided into deep and shallow parts. The deep blood vessels are responsible for regulating body temperature, and the superficial blood vessels are responsible for supplying epidermal nutrition. Massage can promote blood circulation, accelerate skin metabolism, and make skin white and healthy. (5) Moisturize and let the skin drink freely. The tightly structured stratum corneum, uniform water-soluble fat layer and strong cell membrane are the best natural barriers for the skin. No matter which part of them goes wrong, the skin will lose water. Whitening and moisturizing facial mask once or twice a week-is the fastest way to relieve dry skin and make skin hydrated and white. (6) Essential oils wake up the skin. Lavender, lemon, mint, rosemary, rose and other essential oils can be used as delivery carriers to transfer the effective ingredients of whitening products to the bottom layer of the epidermis, so that the skin is rejuvenated, whitening and transparent. (7) Cleansing is the basis of whitening. Washing your face carefully every day can not only thoroughly cleanse the skin, but also make special conditioning on the skin, so that subsequent whitening products can be better absorbed and achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. (8) Dredging collaterals and promoting blood circulation, Chinese medicine improves circulation. Whitening medicinal materials such as ginseng, pine pollen, coix seed, white tuckahoe powder, pinellia, ginkgo biloba, mulberry leaves, peach kernels, purslane, aloe, etc. Take the above medicinal materials in moderation, and the skin can not only keep white and moist, but also not easy Spotted. (9) Be happy to gain faith in whitening. The brilliance of whitening always blooms on happy skin. A relaxed mood allows the skin to absorb nutrients in its best state, and freely release whitening energy from the inside to the outside. Everyone's skin is different, some are dry skin, some are normal skin, and some are oily skin. So what are the different whitening treatments for different skins? Dry skin skin characteristics: dry skin and lack of water, especially in autumn and winter, is the root cause of the formation of stains. Wrinkles and fine lines are easy to grow, and acne is not easy to grow. Whitening formula: Start with replenishing skin moisture, moisturizing is the first job. Moisturize the skin with sufficient moisture and nutrients, maintain the normal metabolism of the skin, and resist dryness and pigmentation. Whitening recommendations: Most of the current whitening products have the dual effects of whitening and moisturizing. In addition to the basic courses of whitening care, using a special moisturizing whitening night cream at night can give the skin sufficient nutrition, whitening and nourishing. Tips: For particularly dry skin, use a moisturizing mask after exfoliating, the effect is particularly good. Make a moisturizing mask at least twice a week. In addition, you can use moisturizing essence before applying whitening lotion to increase the moisture content of the skin. Normal skin skin characteristics: not oily or dry, just right. Whitening formula: This type of skin whitening is the simplest of the three categories, and does not require the use of complete whitening products, focusing on sun protection during the day and moisturizing at night. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and your skin will be naturally fair and transparent. Whitening advice: adhere to cleansing, toning, and nutrition every day. Use a whitening night cream at night. Tips: Whitening mask once a week. Skin characteristics of oily skin: greasy, acne-prone, large pores, and most of them are oily and dehydrated, and the possibility of spots is small. Whitening formula: Use oil-free whitening lotion to provide nutrition to the skin without worrying about burdening the skin and clogging pores. Whitening recommendations: persist in using whitening cleansers, toners and lotions during the day and night. Use special oil control products and sunscreen products for the T part during the day to prevent the formation of dark spots. Use whitening essence at night to provide sufficient nutrition to the skin and repair skin damage during the day.
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