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OEM shampoo: recommend washing hair 5 things should pay attention to

by:Zanyu     2020-12-08

now, most of the city in north China are suffering the haze and the influence of dust weather, often go out of people, especially office worker, the frequency of the wash hair more frequently than in the past. Many people only know the wash hair, don't pay attention to the care of our hair, often make some shampoo, hair hair loss more and more as a result, become bald. OEM shampoo experts now list the five you wash your hair often make a mistake.

OEM shampoo expert advice: don't wash everyday hair, too, frequently to remove grease, is originally wanted to keep the scalp is dry, wash everyday but instead it will get more secretion of oils and fats. Generally in the summer when every other day to wash a head is ok, if it is in the winter, wash once or twice a week is enough. Because ultraviolet light and dry, autumn is the season of most hair loss in a year. People should reduce the frequency of shampoo, washed 3 ~ 4 times a week is enough. Hair frequently and every day more than 100 people have suggested to the hospital. Don't drink and shampoo, if soon after drinking the shampoo, is likely to cause intracranial vascular dysfunction, appear the symptom such as dizziness, black eye, and vomiting. In addition, the old man with cardio-cerebrovascular disease, even in the summer, usually also try not to use cold water to wash, after drinking, more attention should be paid to.

OEM shampoo experts advise: carry the first wash a lot of people when you take a shower is still standing in the shower and low head, while Japan and the European and American women are used to lift his head to wash hair. In fact this is a matter of habit, not only is the health problems. Looked up and shampoo and conducive to cervical physiology curve and the whole spinal disc solid, reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis. Looked up and avoid the eyes of vitreous shampoo back and forth, can alleviate the symptoms of vitreous opacity and floaters. Don't rush too clean hair conditioner, shampoo and conditioner, to achieve the effect, need to be part of the component after wash a head left on the hair and scalp, similar to the protective film. Shampoo washed too clean place but not have the best curing effect, so more dandruff. Dream d. OEM shampoo expert proposal, wash, shampoo and conditioner, rushed to the don't feel greasy hair degree is ok, to accept the hair smooth state, don't forced to dash. Wash your hair dry immediately, some people after shampoo, don't immediately the dry hair, may increase the chance of damaged hair loss. Hair is wet, it will damage the hair of the fat layer, thus affecting the secretion of sebum, normal lead to fall off more easily damaged hair, send qualitative difference. After rinse clean, not lazy, should wipe the hair with dry towel as soon as possible to the point of more dry, especially long hair woman, and easy to hair loss.

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