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Office weight loss method_WeChat business will welcome change

by:Zanyu     2021-05-15
Staying in the office every day, the chair cushions are flattened, let alone supporting your waist and legs? The heart of the chair is a little tired, relax your emotions, Guangzhou Factory reminds you how to let the simple chair weight loss exercises help you lift your hips, develop slender legs and firm arms. The office weight loss method I talked about today is of great help to those friends who often sit in the office for a long time. I hope you can carefully read the experience sharing of the editor.     Thin abdomen     1. Sit on the front of the chair, cross your arms in front of your chest, hold your shoulders with your hands, keep your upper back straight, and don't hold your chest.     2. Slowly lean your body forward, feel your abdominal muscles tighten, and hold for 5 seconds to the lowest point. Repeat 10 times. Thin arms      1. Sit on 1/3 of the edge of the seat, with legs apart, toes point to the ground, waist straight, upper body tilted to the right.     2. Extend your arms upwards, put your hands together, hold for 15 seconds, then switch to the opposite direction and do the same movement. Recently in 2015, the industry generally believed that in order to regulate the business behavior of storeless retail, maintain the circulation order and business environment, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and practitioners, the state should make regulations. In the future, there will be no licenses, no taxes, and freedom. The development of micro-business operations should be restricted by law. As we all know, if the goods purchased in physical stores have quality problems, consumers can directly seek the merchants to protect their rights. However, when goods purchased online or through TV shopping and other online channels have quality problems, consumers often fall into the dilemma of no complaints. In recent years, the storeless retail industry represented by micro-businesses, online stores, and TV shopping has been flooded with fakes and forced commercial advertisements. It has been criticized by consumers. It is particularly important to clarify the regulations for storeless retail. Different e-commerce representatives have different demands on how to incorporate micro-businesses into industry supervision. Traditional e-commerce companies under Taobao, and other platforms generally believe that by regulating the industry order, the confidence of the majority of e-commerce entrepreneurs can be enhanced; while micro-businesses in the early stage are worried about increasing the cost of entrepreneurship; experts pointed out that the current micro-business The chaos urgently needs to be regulated and managed, but attention should be paid to classified supervision so as not to dampen the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs. Mr. Song of Guangzhou Factory believes that micro-business is an emerging business model in the development of mobile Internet commerce. I think this is a good The future development of the business is very helpful. If the business is left unmanaged, the business may disappear faster! Therefore, when we are engaged in cosmetics, we must pay attention to our attitude and the degree of supervision of our products, so as to avoid unnecessary losses to the company due to improper use of cosmetics. If you read the performance of micro-businesses mentioned by the editor above, and still do not understand the development trend of OEM cosmetics, you can read this article on the trend analysis of OEM OEM cosmetics globalization by the editor. I hope to be able to Help everyone. Today, the knowledge that the editor will popularize for everyone is here first. I hope those who like the experience sharing of the editor can bookmark this website.
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