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Often use hand sanitizer?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-12
Hand sanitizer is life, we often use items. Before and after dinner every day, before and after the toilet, before and after go home, need to wash hands. Many people are confused, often use hand sanitizer? About hand sanitizer with for a long time? Hand sanitizer what should use? Small make up to you to sort out the following content for your reference.
long-term use hand sanitizer?

the BBS Chicago newspaper has pointed out, hand sanitizer alcohol content should be more than 60%, otherwise the sterilization effect is not ideal. People can not help but worry about: with this hand sanitizer can damage the skin? Li Guangrui, director of the China academy of traditional Chinese medicine wangjing hospital dermatological department pointed out that the concentration of alcohol hand sanitizer generally does not harm the skin, no more than a little stimulation to the skin, as long as the daub after washing hand cream can solve this problem.

often use hand sanitizer?

the right channel to buy hand sanitizer, can be often used. In the use of hand sanitizer, most people have some misunderstanding. A lot of people are afraid to hand sanitizer wash not clean, so according to a lot of hand sanitizer in your hands, rub hard when they are washed, and repeatedly, frequent use. In fact, such a deep clean can damage the skin and make the skin keep moisture not only, also is easier to let the bacteria invasion. The following is a correct method of use:

1. Every time according to the drop is enough, after the hand rub repeatedly, to irrigate with flowing water for 15 seconds or more to get the hand wash clean.

2。 Dry hands, need often hand cream or petroleum jelly and other protective cream, daub to keep hands wet.

3。 Every day, don't have to wash your hands frequently, if returned to the house from the outside, before the rice then empress, or carefully wash your hands after touch dirt.

hand sanitizer purchase channels to formal

hand sanitizer in China is divided into two categories, one kind is ordinary hand sanitizer, another kind is a disinfection products. The former have the effect of clean decontamination, the latter only contains the active components of antibacterial, bacteriostasis, or sterilization. Two kinds of liquid soap on the outer packing has respectively, ordinary hand sanitizer is commonly 'kind', disinfection liquid soap for more 'size'. The expert points out, 'size' elimination of disinfection liquid soap, as long as it is normal products, are specially listed before testing, no harm to human body, but also have the effect of antibacterial, bacteriostasis. But due to the current market of hand sanitizer quality good and bad are intermingled, inferior hand sanitizer can damage the skin, so consumers hand sanitizer when the choose and buy, be sure to normal bazaar to purchase, see if mark is complete, if there is no producer name and address, etc. , be careful to buy.
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