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On cosmetics OEM factory has five characteristics

by:Zanyu     2020-11-22

the rapid development of cosmetics to promote the development of OEM and add up the cosmetics brand but also thousands of home, but they are not every one has its own processing plant. If we want to find a factory of cosmetics should be how to do? Let's take a look at on have which a few characteristics.

OEM, according to the literal meaning, should be translated into the initial machine equipment manufacturers, refers to a factory production according to the provisions of other producers, spare parts for the production of goods and goods, or also called by authorized OEM production, this kind of operation mode is particularly prevalent in the cosmetics industry.

1 compliance discipline, can according to the list as of OEM cosmetics OEM factory, the first to obtain the relative production module must be in accordance with the rules of production license and relevant qualification certificates. Production company of the all need effective declaration documents within the time limit, and have the professional way to search and certification qualification certificate with effectiveness.

key are: the business license of enterprise, 'OEM cosmetics company production license', 'ISO 22716 product certification certificate' and 'GMPC product certification certificate', etc. In the production of unique cosmetics, should also have a unique qualifications: ( Such as spray manufacturers must get 'safe production license') 。 If authorized no relative production manufacturer of qualification certificates, will be supervising agencies to investigate and punish according to law, reputation damage, penny wise and pound foolish.

2 solid hardware configuration, ensure production as of OEM manufacturers, should have appropriate cosmetics production company, be sure to have the basic hardware configuration of equipment, hardware equipment, the high quality, maintenance more strong, relatively more can produce the suitable natural environment, the safety of production.

3 mobile phone software is not soft, management method is a priority of OEM company, optimization choose nature should be a solid company management method, the strength of the company's management ability, the higher the efficiency, reflecting faster and faster, more can immediately solve the changeable and complex market environment

4 scientific research professionals, also monitor of OEM company shall have basic ability of monitoring, to ensure that all have the ability to monitor immediately cosmetics production process. Laboratory actual operation staff need to learn after training and obtain the relative professional book CARDS can into the duty; Laboratory equipment, machinery and equipment need to maintain a clean and tidy environment, all experimental reagents logo detailed and clear; Retention samples of the finished products should be based on the characteristics of the goods in the temperature of the relative humidity in storage, and store in a certain area.

5 specification complete, the upgrade of OEM factory immediately based cosmetics production shall also have professional knowledge, very is cosmetic raw materials, finished products specifications and various test specification, and can assure you the specification and the policies and regulations is the version number. When customers careless, the factory should immediately prompt.

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