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Once in place! 75% alcohol free hand wash liquid + spray, making comprehensive protection

by:Zanyu     2020-09-29
During the outbreak, everybody is very anxious to hand wash eight hundred times a day? Especially when you eat, sit down, as never before the direct start, after all 'illness'. If anyone want to eat something, no matter meal or snack w hands or better disinfection, more safety first. Keep up with the health consciousness, but eliminated the commonly used ordinary hand sanitizer, but containing 75% alcohol bottle is hard to find. Ok, toy buy hand little sister never give up easily, and find the once sold 75% alcohol from liquid washing your hands, all emergencies: 75% alcohol, effective sterilization gel texture from washed, a professional brand to wipe a rub, have disinfection products production enterprises hygiene license stamp below can be directly buy oh ~ 75% alcohol washing your hands free fluid, convenient and reliable due to buy less than 75% alcohol hand sanitizer, many people will mix alcohol in general hand sanitizer, but the actual effect is not equal. Alcohol consumption it hard to control, more or less will affect the utility, to achieve effective protection, or use the content standard of 75% concentration of hand sanitizer. Compared to general 75% alcohol hand sanitizer, it also has the advantages of free water to wash, wash conditions without limit, available anytime and anywhere. Hand sanitizer in texture gel type, not easy, only need your hand, can efficiently complete sanitizers. Press type export safety and health, one by one to put on a rub it, no matter at home, or go out is very convenient to carry. Home, office, car can be saddled a bottle of 300 ml capacity is also very durable, have it in, can keep clean hands at any time. 75% alcohol gels 75% ethanol to wash your hands free spray, objects, indoor disinfection in addition to the necessary protective hands, daily household cleaning, disinfection also cannot fall commonly used items. Earlier, has made it known to science, a high concentration of alcohol can form a layer of protective film on the surface of bacteria, prevent it into the bacteria in the body, to kill the bacteria completely. Therefore, the higher the alcohol content of disinfection is not better, 75% alcohol was enough to play the best effect of inactivated. In order to avoid cross infection, saddled spray bottle of 75% alcohol, it is very necessary. Don't avoid contact, we can use alcohol to clean a wipe. It is worth mentioning, commonly used objects remember disinfected regularly. Such as mobile phone, key, office supplies, children's toys. Than a big bottle of alcohol, or a small spray bottle is more convenient to use, spray a spray brush a brush, fast and good. ( PS: 75% alcohol is not easy to carry on the plane, high-speed railway, subway, unable to pass through security. )
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