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After several years of steady operation, Huaxintang brand has established a certain brand foundation and market foundation. It has become a terminal cosmetics brand with a network throughout most parts of the country, and continues to mature and develop in the process of actively participating in market competition. We are looking for a strong distributor in the blank market.

Reasons for Choosing and Distributing "Huaxintang" Cosmetic Brand

Industry Advantage

Industry leading technology, core value components (apple vinegar and pure natural plant active ingredients), with great vitality.

Brand Advantage

After several years of market layout and careful construction, Huaxintang has become a regional brand in many areas.

Product Advantage

Accurate market positioning, innovative packaging design, unique differences in selling points, reasonable product mix (full structure, variety), internal high-quality standards, very saleable.

Price Advantage

Medium and high quality, medium and low price positioning, low discount mode, can ensure a large market operation space and lucrative profits, very competitive.

Resources Superiority

Strong financial strength, professional marketing elite guidance, reasonable and effective resource allocation, practical and interactive sales model can ensure the success of market operation.

Market Advantage

Good market foundation and operation mechanism, practical model strategy for the whole process of promotion, all-round assistance and in-place support are conducive to the rapid start and full promotion of Huaxintang series.

Service Guarantee

Provide overall support and promotion strategy, provide necessary risk protection system, in order to eliminate business worries.

Qualifications and Conditions for Distributing "Huaxintang" Series Products

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