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Our mask, skin care really all in vain

by:Zanyu     2020-12-02

let the editor to give you clear a mask in the field of OEM skin care are classified as 'intensive care', while the effect of facial mask is focused on filling water, promote subsequent absorption and so on. If you have ads say can quickly reach whitening, anti-wrinkle effect, coco, also need not to ask editor, q series fashion IQ is tax! What if we want to apply face film, apply the mask, apply is good at what time? Now let the mask manufacturers to talk to you about the mask

1 patch mask

the dictionary: patch mask is the most classic of the mask, select it also have the most people. Principle is to use the mask on the face cloth to form a sealed packet, skin temperature, corneous layer is in a state of high water absorption, permeability and more strong, can promote OEM skin care ingredients to absorb.

what to do: every day apply face film is not desirable, because it can make your skin cutin layer is fixed in the high water absorbing state for a period of time every day, as time passes can damage the skin barrier.

sheet film of face of the correct frequency is 2 - a week Not more than 15 minutes each time, three times, time is too long can breath instead of moisture in your skin, but do more harm than good.

wash: if you apply the mask, there are still a lot of face mask liquid that must have been washed away for good. If the face is relaxed after apply is over, only a bit mask liquid, then use hand massage until absorbed. Blain blain and sensitive muscles don't want to, go to wash, apply is over your skin barrier outweighs the stimulus.

2 clean face film

the dictionary: clean face film is divided into two kinds, one is clean as the main function of mud mask, adding kaolin or similar physical powder, to enhance the cleaning effect of oil absorption effect to want.

of course, there are clear horniness scrub mask. Algae, brown sugar is added in the daub type mask and so on fine grinding grain, take away the face of excess cutin achieve clean effect.

what to do: after facial cleaning, wipe clean face film evenly on the face, attention must remember to avoid eye and lip weeks these sensitive parts, how long is the specific operation according to the product description. But don't more than 15 minutes, clean face film on skin irritation is quite big.

wash: use to ask? ( Hissing sound)

not only want to wash, wash clean, even avoid the remaining mask residue into the pores on the face.

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