Zanyu skin care manufacturer's mission is to build the first platform for the export OEM skin care brands in China.The main service: OEM skin care,OEM cosmetics,private label skin care products.

Our Standards

Our Standards

As parents, it’s our mission to raise the next generation of healthy, happy babies.
That’s our mission at Zanyu cosmetic factory too, and we do it by making products that help families prepare their home for all of baby’s adventures.
This is how we do it



We only create products with purpose that let our client’s brand can drive the market approbation and make the Customer satisfaction


We actively review the latest scientific research. We listen to what you need and market want to see more of. And because we are not only a factory we’re parents too, we’re always inspired by how our own babies explore the world. Simply put, everything we make has a purpose. Nothing exists “just because.”

- R & D direction

Thanks to the pediatricians, dermatologists and other hands-on practitioners in our extended family, we're always tuned in to the latest scientific research. If a new study reveals a better way of doing things (new formula or new raw materials ), we

- Community feedback

The families that make up the raise babies community are our greatest resource; so when it comes to product development, you better believe we’re all ears.

- Market feedback

We collect information from the industry (Baby fair, Raw material fair and skin care seminar etc. )and our processing customers, and improve our products



We put a lot of thought into our formula(Safety, Stability and Efficacy) what we do (and into what we do not do).


Formulation is about more than just a product’s “recipe.” The ingredients we choose (and the ones we don’t), Because the pregnant women (are usually more sensitive and vulnerable than normal skin) and babies (thin skin, sebum secretion is less) have a special skin, so we pay more attention to the choice of ingredients for the formula.

How we formulate our products:

- Data collection

We will cooperate according to the customer's needs (such as 4P marketing theory) according to the actual situation, and complete the preliminary model according to the customer's requirements.

- Ingredient selection

We always start with plant-based and plant-derived ingredients, organic when practical, as well as carefully chosen synthetics or preservatives needed to create the kind of formulas that work effectively and that parents can feel good about using around t

- Do not use ingredient list

Our list of "never use" ingredients come from sources such as PRC, EU, Canada and US lists of ingredients to avoid and refers to industry standards like NPA and EWG.



We thoroughly test every product we create to make sure that clients can sell the product reassuring.
One last double-triple check.


We test every single batch of every single product before it leaves our hands and makes its way to you. Specifically, we test for microbes, color, odor, appearance, pH, consistency and more. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t ship. When it comes to babies, there’s no grey area!


Product Efficacy

We work with specialized testing organizations and product testing teams to ensure product effectiveness.

We always test for:

- Formula stability

Stability tests let us know that our finished formulas will work the way they should, even after they've been exposed to bright light, heat or cold on their journey from us to you.

- Batch microbial testing

We conduct microbial testing on each batch of our products to be sure there's no sign of sneaky microbes or bacterial growth.

- Preservative safety + effectiveness

When we use preservatives, we make sure they are appropriate to use around babies and help our products resist contamination so they stay that way over time.

Depending on our wide range of products, we also test for:

1.Skin irritancy 6.Water resistance
2.Eye stinging 7.Toxicology review
3.FDA compliance* 8.Photo toxicity
4.SPF value 9.Skin barrier function repair
5.Broad spectrum testing 10.Efficacy of skin moisturization

4.After-sales services

Our service will also cover the after-sale part of the product

We provide the following service after sales:

- Technical support

We provide technical support to our clients, including: instruction for the ingredient of product ,  data of raw material, and providing sell points advice on marketing.

- Product quality assurance

Our product and semi-finished product can be preserved for3.5 years, and their records can be traced. We will be responsible for  the problems caused by the material quality of products.

- Support for laws and regulations (Chinese market)

We provide legal and regulatory support such as cosmetics filing, feature application, patent application, etc.

- Feedback and tracking

- Guidance on dealing with market problems

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