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Practical post! Beauty skin specialist teaches you how to take a bath

by:Zanyu     2021-06-12

   Everyone has to take a bath, but not everyone knows how to take a bath. If you want to have black and beautiful hair and smooth silky skin, let the skin care specialist teach you how to take care of your skin.

  How high is the water temperature suitable?

  It is very comfortable to take a hot bath, but in general, warm water is better than hot water, preferably not higher than 43 degrees Celsius. Too high water temperature can cause dry skin. Patients with skin diseases (such as patients with eczema) should pay special attention to the fact that bathing with too hot water will aggravate the condition. Bathing with water above 49 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes will cause 3 degrees burns, so it is important to control the water temperature.

  How should I wash my hair?

   When using ordinary shampoo and conditioner, just massage the head to penetrate deep into the scalp, And rinse it off after 2 or 3 minutes.

  How to choose soap and shower gel?

  For pregnant women, their skin is sensitive and fragile. Mothers-to-be are better to choose natural pregnancy care products, such as OEM cosmetics and skin care products for pregnant women. , Nature is gentle and non-stimulating.

  How to exfoliate?

  Exfoliation of keratin is part of the body's metabolism, so don't bother too much. However, proper exfoliation (once a week, or two or three times a week) will help smooth acne and shrink pores. It is recommended that pregnant mothers choose gentle and natural gel exfoliating products. Otherwise, skin moisture loss will increase, causing dry skin or other skin problems.

  How do I dry my body?

  Derek recommends gently rubbing the skin with soft pores after the bath until it is dry, and then applying moisturizing body lotion and other OEM skin care products.

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