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Practical tips for skin care for pregnant women

by:Zanyu     2021-06-24

  Puffy eyes, dark circles, oily face...I just woke up and found my skin was still immersed in nightmares. Do pregnant mothers have such troubles? In fact, the skin in the early morning is still in a relatively sleepy state, and it is necessary to have a The process of waking up. How do pregnant women take care of their skin? Let's take a look at the tips for waking up the skin in the morning, which can make the pregnant mother's skin and complexion vibrant in ten minutes.

   Tip 1: Hot compress to solve the problem of swelling

   Facial swelling and eye skin swelling are common skin problems that pregnant mothers encounter after waking up in the morning. Excessive fatigue and poor blood circulation in the skin may cause swelling of the skin. A relatively simple and direct way to deal with facial swelling is hot compress. Pregnant mothers can apply a hot towel to the face after waking up in the morning and before cleansing. This will help promote the blood circulation of the facial skin and accelerate the effective detoxification of the skin. It has a very good effect on eliminating edema.

   Tip 2: Thoroughly clean the skin to remove fatigue

   Early skin cleansing must not be ignored, because at this time the toxins and wastes in the body stay in If the surface of the skin is not cleaned in time, your complexion will be dull all day. Cleaning is a more important step. If the cleaning and care are not done well, and nutrients can't get in, no matter how good skin care products are, it is no use. However, pregnant women must use natural cleansing milk for pregnant women, such as soy milk or rice facial cleansing under the same OEM skin care brand during pregnancy. It is based on natural hydrolyzed soy extract and rice extract. Soy milk facial cleansing milk is rich in soy isoflavones. , Soy lecithin, hydrolyzed soy protein and other skin-beautifying ingredients, deep cleansing, moisturizing, and awakening tired skin.

   Technique 3: Massage the skin to make the complexion better

   Next, proceed to the third step of basic skin care-moisturizing lotion. After the skin is cleaned and toned, The added moisture and nutrients need to have a protective film-like substance to firmly lock the moisture and nutrients. Pay special attention to the fact that the blood flow is not smooth enough for the skin in the morning. After using the soy milk moisturizing lotion, proper skin massage will not only make the absorption effect better, but also make the complexion more ruddy.

   The plan of the day is the morning, and the morning is the time to refresh and start again. Do a good job of waking up in the morning, so that the pregnant mother's skin will be rosy and shiny throughout the day, from morning to night.

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