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Pregnancy can protect skin to taste?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-06

relative to the average person, women have a more enviable points, that is star children not only don't go out of form, colour makeup, so haven't changed the skin a bit poor.

in this special period of pregnancy hormone level changes of expectant mothers, heels skin problem is also constantly: not more and more dry is a large fields, outbreaks of blain blain, pore bulky, long gestation spot also came out. How can I like star during pregnancy is also beautiful place? Actually very simple, pregnancy OEM skin care must work more, this is for their own care is care of the baby. In common skin care during pregnancy, often there are several error again, must avoid pregnancy mothers:

error: cannot be used during pregnancy skin care products

many mothers a pregnancy becomes very nervous for good baby, how are good, no OEM skin care cosmetic it doesn't matter. People with this idea is absolutely not a few, indeed, this is the great mother, but you know, this is the idea, let your skin may be older than age women 5 - Ten years old. After skin specialist, says women in pregnancy, due to the metabolism speeds up, more on pregnancy reaction and environmental factor, skin condition is different, become very unstable. If not through meticulous and proper care, pregnancy, your skin aging degree will be equivalent to 10 years of natural aging degree.

erroneous zone 2: is pregnant with the baby protects skin to taste

baby protects skin to taste is to compare? So the mother during pregnancy can also be used? The idea is not right. First of all, at present the country there is no definite standard of baby protects skin to taste, commercially available baby protects skin to taste the good and bad are intermingled, preservatives, essence, pigment, add also don't agree with each other, on the sex is difficult to define. Second, the baby protects skin to taste is designed specifically for baby skin, not suitable for pregnant mother's skin, cannot provide moisturizing and nourishing, soothing skin care effect.

myth 3: continue to use before the pregnancy skin care products

before becoming pregnant, probably a lot of people do not attach importance to protect skin to taste. Synthetic preservatives) , synthetic surfactants, detergent, artificial flavor, and even heavy metal pigment, hormone the chemical composition of pregnant women and the baby in the belly has an estimated damage. In addition, in effect products often contain salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, fruit acid, such as pregnant women to disable components, more do not free to use.

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