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Pregnancy can't use 5 kinds of cosmetics

by:Zanyu     2020-10-19
Pregnancy can't use 5 kinds of cosmetics of gestation for female friends is a very not easy thing, the love of beauty is the nature of the woman, many women still make up during pregnancy, but don't know that can bring serious threat to health, pregnant women should be alert to the following 5 kinds of cosmetics. 1, medicated cream, according to disappear assist in beauty spot product sampling inspection, found that all the samples with dangerous levels of mercury mercury content in 60% of the excess kilograms. A heavy metal mercury is harm to human body health, this kind of product is white spot effects are temporary, and that once the outage spot and repeatedly, and damage to the skin also is big, long-term use of mercury in cosmetics on the human body nervous, digestive tract and urinary system has serious harm. Experts warm reminder: pregnant women, because of the change of hormone and endocrine, can make the spots pigment deepen or grow spots on her face, so suggest that women do not use during pregnancy spot product, such as over child reoccupy after hormone secretion is not late. 2, hair dye, according to the foreign medical experts investigation, hair dye not only can cause skin cancer, also can cause breast cancer, lead to fetal abnormalities. Experts warm reminder: ever heard of a long-term work in the barber's female habitual abortion for many times, find out the reason and found the hair dye, so in order to healthy babies, pregnant mother not appropriate use of hair dye. 3, perfume, artificial musk is widely used in cosmetics and perfume, have the side effects of endocrine disruptors, Japan team alert women during pregnancy or breastfeeding baby artificial musk may cause the harm of remaining in the body, the research team said they were in the breast milk for the first time and detect the artificial musk residues in the adipose tissue, there is confusion endocrine and affect the normal biological hormones play a role of side effects. 4, cold, according to medical experts study in France for years, pregnant women are not only the hair is very fragile, and easy to fall off, reoccupy cold fine hair perm exacerbate fall off. Experts warm reminder: cold precision can also affect the normal development of the fetus in pregnant women, a few people who will produce allergic to its, pregnant women not appropriate to use chemical essence of cold wave. 5, lipstick, lipstick is composed of grease, wax, pigment and spices, including oil usually adopt lanolin, lanolin adsorption in the air a variety of harmful trace elements of heavy metals to human body, also can enter the fetal body, adsorption of e. coli has certain permeability. Pregnant women after lipstick some harmful substances in the air would be easy to adsorption on the lip, along with the saliva into the body, let baby suffer a pregnant woman, so pregnant women should not use lipstick.
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