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Pregnancy can whitening skin care products?

by:Zanyu     2020-10-31

skin during pregnancy, were progesterone. As the baby grew up, melanin precipitation, many mom skin characterized by dark light, so many pregnant mother want by whitening skincare recovery the pregnancy luster of the skin, but can use during pregnancy whitening skin care products?

ordinary whitening skin care products contain a lot of chemical composition, a pregnant woman in which the chemical elements such as mercury, lead, lead to fetal himself, or deformity, and particularly sensitive skin during pregnancy, pregnant mother if use protect skin to taste, not only can not solve the problem of skin, even can cause irritation, inflammation, and even disfigurement such as tragedy.

skin care during pregnancy is exquisite, the pregnant mother should not pursue to protect skin to taste, effect, whitening, acne removing common skin care products, and many other unknown constituents are serious threats to the health of the baby, the pregnant mother should refuse to use, with basic maintenance is given priority to, pay attention to skin hydrating work, try to choose a nature of food ingredients of pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, mild nature, and nature. Soy milk, rice, pregnant women to protect skin to taste is the good helper of skin care in pregnancy.

there are many women find that pregnancy particularly prone to sunburn. A pregnant women should try to avoid too much time in the sun, the second is the outdoor activity is better to prevent bask in physical ways, such as using a uv protection function of umbrella, wearing a sun hat, a long-sleeved jacket, etc. Pregnant women do not use sunscreen OEM cosmetics, especially chemical sunscreen formula products, so as to avoid chemical produces stimulation to the skin, pregnancy is better not to make up, can use skin care products on the basis of protect skin to taste, choose a mild skin care products, like makeup to protect skin to taste food homology of pregnant women. Food essence skin nature, gentle, defend the maternal and infant from the source.

pregnant women to protect skin to taste of choose and buy three tips are summarized below, all the mothers to look good.

1, choose not to asperse essence, hormone, heavy metals, mineral oil and dye composition such as pregnant women dedicated skin care products

2, selecting ingredients nature is mild, the sensitivity of the bottom, close skin raw material composition of pregnant women with good sex of special skin care products

3, do not use normal adult skin care products or baby skin care products

4, go to the beauty salon. But not completely unable to go to, have need to pay attention to two points: one is not long remain recumbent posture; Second is clean and relaxed, try not to consume other projects.

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