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Pregnancy muscle maintenance is simple, six steps to nourish pregnant women how to maintain their skin

by:Zanyu     2021-06-12
After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers feel very confused about OEM skin care. How to realize the skin care concept advocated by other pregnancy care brands in the actual skin care? Which skin care steps must be retained, and which OEM skin care steps can be cut? In fact, only skin care during pregnancy Just do the six steps!    1. In daily cleansing, it is better for pregnant mothers to use weak acid mild cleansing milk for pregnant women, and wash the face alternately with warm water and cold water. After washing, use a dry towel to clean the face. Excess moisture on the face is soaked up. Facial cleansing can remove dirt on the face and prevent dirt from affecting the effectiveness of subsequent pregnant women's skin care products.  Second, lotion    lotion not only has a moisturizing effect, but also has the effect of being able to cleanse the skin twice and open up the skin passages. After cleansing, when the face is still moist, use a cotton pad to dip in the lotion and pat on the face, so that the skin can better absorb the nutrients of the follow-up pregnant women's skin care products.  3. Eye care  The skin around the eyes is one of the more fragile skin parts of the human body, which is prone to aging phenomena such as dry lines. It is recommended that pregnant mothers use rice-sized eye creams and massage them clockwise to help the skin absorb it. 4. Essence Essence is high in nutrients, so not every pregnant mother needs to use the essence. It is recommended for pregnant mothers with dry skin to use it. Note that pregnant mothers should not use strong essences such as high-efficiency whitening, which are highly effective. Whitening skin care products for pregnant women often contain a lot of heavy metals.  5. Face cream or lotion   In cold weather and less water, it is recommended that pregnant mothers use face cream, which has high nutrient content and oil content, which can form a protective film on the skin surface to protect the skin. In the warm and humid season, it is recommended that pregnant mothers switch to lotion, which is lighter in texture and can also add moisture to the skin. 6. Isolation This is an important step after comparison of many pregnant mothers using skin care products for pregnant women. Nowadays, air pollution is very severe, and pregnant women’s skin is extremely sensitive, air pollutants are easy to irritate the skin, and air pollution has a great impact on early pregnancy. It is recommended that pregnant women apply barrier cream when they go out, which can not only isolate the outside air pollution, but also form a protective film to reduce or even avoid skin moisture loss.   Whether the skin can be properly taken care of during pregnancy is not only related to the mental outlook of the expectant mother during pregnancy, but also has a profound impact on the skin condition after pregnancy. Related pointed out that those pregnant mothers who did not use special skin care products for pregnant women during pregnancy will suffer irreversible damage to their skin. Pregnant women who insist on scientific maintenance during pregnancy can effectively delay skin aging and keep skin clear at all times.
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