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Pregnancy secret correctly apply face film 'membrane' method

by:Zanyu     2020-12-09

the mask is the skin supplements, can provide basic skincare products cannot provide the energy of skin, stimulate the skin in a short time of relatively large energy. Pregnancy pregnant muscle can effectively improve dry, apply face film can help rebuild skin moisturizing protective screen. But apply face film is also a very learned, correct method can let the skin to absorb more than 2 times of the mask essence. Below, how to introduce the pregnant woman skin mask is better, correctly apply face film membrane techniques during pregnancy, a sense of water moist, smooth muscle, the beauty of the pregnant mother.

to protect skin brand for the pregnant women during pregnancy skin characteristics, effective skin essence extracted from natural ingredients to make effective pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, and according to the different needs of pregnant mother, launched many high quality mask product. Such as soybean milk silk mask, rice silk mask, pregnant time beauty mask, rich in abundant essence, can quickly into the skin poured hydrating factor, haun living beauty muscle energy effect is remarkable, is never pregnant mother mouth beautiful skin.

essence render help to absorb

in order to mask the effect of get twice the result with half the effort, pregnant mother before apply face film is better firstly, backing with essence, because essence can promote subsequent absorption ability, 2 it is in order to apply face film, let skin and facial mask to form a vacuum, the mask can be more close to the face of the skin, avoid the nourishment of face film evaporate in the air, help to accelerate absorption.

open pores to accelerate mask penetration

some pregnant mother in order to save time, while the bath apply face film, but this method is not recommended. Because water vapor seal with skin will result in the mask is not easy, will affect the absorption effect of facial mask. Wash a hot bath is a good time apply face film, when the skin pore is stretched adequately, and the skin hydrated. Similarly, when tired, absorb bad skin with hot towel apply face first, open the skin pores, and then apply the mask, which can make the essence of the mask is absorbed thoroughly.

the emulsion to lock the moisture and nutrients

pregnant mother after apply the mask off, there were a large number of elite fluid above the face no absorption. When can gently massage face and 3 to 5 minutes to help its absorption, the effect can be doubled. After comparison, it is also important step, the pregnant mother and coated with emulsion, emulsion can form a layer of grease texture of protective film, help us to lock the moisture and the skin just absorb nutrients.

during pregnancy, pregnant mother must choose this kind of special nature of the pregnant women to protect skin brand mask, and combined with the right using method, to compare facial mask of better maintenance of efficacy.

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