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Pregnancy skin maintain common sense: hand skin how to maintain?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-07

hands was part of the body parts easy to aging, for pregnant mother during pregnancy should not be lazy, it is very important to facial skin supple shine, but must not ignore the maintenance of hand skin, keep water embellish, let his hands against erosion, from the time is more important.

pregnant mom how to maintain hand skin? The first thing to do every day after hands touch water to wipe the hand cream, pregnant women skin care specialist recommended rice nourish hand cream, to maintenance can hand senescence of skin, make the hand more tender. When using rice nourish hand cream, besmear again with the palm of hand, hand is easier to dry and aging, so it is important to note that when daub backs to slap on the hand cream. And after playing hand cream daub should appropriate massage, make the skin fully absorb the moist hands can be assured.

hand besides daily daub hand cream, second, also need to prevent bask in. Especially for pregnant women, not only to face and neck before going out prevent bask in work, also want to prevent bask in nurse, rival with SPF index hand cream can effectively block the sun from sunlight, pregnant women OEM skin care specialist advice you pregnant mother if there is a long time have to exposure in the sun, it will be on hand with one hand cream, daub again the height ratio of sunscreen to prevent bask in effect.

after the comparison, massage hands is also an effective way to rejuvenate hands, articulatory place for kneading massage often rivals, but also for pregnant women to solve the phenomenon of poor blood circulation. Pregnant women for facial OEM skin care also should focus on the question of hand skin, don't ignore the hand, double skin care form the protective film to be effective against outside nature, have a pair of xian hands, do attractive pregnant mother.

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