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Pregnancy skin problems frequently occur, dry gestational muscles, how to care for dry skin, what to do

by:Zanyu     2021-06-25
Dryness and dehydration is a common skin problem during pregnancy. It coincides with winter when a large amount of water in the skin is taken away by the air. Pregnant mothers are prone to dehydration allergies and suffer from itching, redness, and peeling. What are the symptoms of dry skin in pregnant women? How should pregnant mothers take care of dry gestational muscles?    Six major symptoms of dry gestational muscles    1. The whole face feels tight.  2. There is no moist feeling when touched lightly with the palm of the hand.  3. The skin of other parts of the body appears dry.   4. Some parts have dry peeling phenomenon.   5. I feel itchy after bathing.  6. u200bu200bFacial dryness is severe to a certain extent, and dry seborrheic dermatitis will appear. The specific manifestation is facial erythema, accompanied by peeling of the skin around the mouth and nose, which is very itchy and uncomfortable.  How to care for the pregnant muscles to get rid of dryness  1. The skin is very sensitive during pregnancy. If you use OEM skin care products that are too alkaline, it will irritate the skin, accelerate the loss of skin moisture, and increase skin sensitivity. So every time you wash your face, you should use mild and non-irritating cleansing products (face wash or soap). At the same time, due to dry skin, the frequency of washing your face should be relatively reduced, just twice a day, too many times it is easy to take away the oil and moisture that the skin originally needs, and aggravate the dry skin.  2. After washing, gently tap a few times with your hands, wait until the moisture is half dry, apply a mild moisturizer evenly on the face, and massage gently, which will help maintain skin moisture and promote skin blood circulation.  3. Drinking plenty of water and eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can add more moisture to the body and have a certain effect on dry skin. If necessary, you can also take some vitamin B2 and vitamin C tablets to prevent dry and cracked skin.  4. In the dry season, keep the indoor temperature at a certain level. It is better to have an air humidifier or put a basin of water indoors to avoid excessive dry air taking away skin moisture.  5. Try to avoid eating spicy foods, biscuits and instant noodles. Do not drink strong tea and coffee, otherwise the skin will be more dry and dull. After pregnancy, the skin of pregnant mothers becomes sensitive and fragile. It is not an overnight task to improve the dryness and dehydration of the skin. A set of practical long-term care plans should be formulated, combined with suitable special OEM skin care products for pregnant women, with careful care and careful maintenance. , In order to really get rid of the sensitive, dehydrated and other problems of the pregnant muscles.
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