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Pregnancy skin three considerations

by:Zanyu     2020-10-29

almost all the beauty of women to maintain daily skin care work, after pregnancy, change the body skin, more sensitive skin class, coupled with the influence of external factors cause problems, so the skin care and maintenance to be more careful, but have a baby, do be careful with every detail of life, so this time to maintain skin, choose can fight skin problems, and pregnant women can protect the baby protects skin to taste is the right thing to do. The next pregnancy skin care knowledge.

pregnant women how to maintain the skin?

women in pregnancy, the hormone androgen secretion increased, so want to do skin care during pregnancy, the first thing to understand hormonal changes caused by the body. Survived the less stable in early pregnancy, the late pregnancy, hormonal changes will make skin bright, at the same time, it would lead to facial pigmentation.

face freckles and chloasma is likely to deepen, so the spot management is particularly important. The first thing to block all the possibility of pigmentation. Among them, the daub segregation frost is a top priority at any time.

in addition, must be chamfer and swelling. Hormonal changes, thus appeared cutin and dropsy phenomenon, pregnancy skin care can not be ignored, focusing on management.

after the first big confusion - of the skin Skin crack

pregnant body adrenal cortical hormone secretion increased, when skin tension increased, with the fracture of the collagen fibers and the skin caused by crack. Due to early pregnancy drum belly is not big, the skin is no crack on the surface, but in late pregnancy and postpartum can easily see with the naked eye skin crack.

it is important to manage before crack becomes apparent. First of all, in the chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, daub belly thin lines in areas such as massage cream and massage, and a little cool in the bath to use 18 ~ 24 degrees or so washed in the water.

if pregnancy does not restrict movement or not lead to a dangerous, Suggestions for 3 ~ 4 times a week of indoor walking, light sports like gymnastics, so as to promote skin blood circulation, regulate weight.

how to choose the pregnant woman skin care products?

as mentioned, women during pregnancy hormone androgen secretion increased, but survived the initial stage of instability, skin will become bright, bright beautiful muscle. In this period need to daub is filled with water and mild moisturizing products, such as pregnant women to protect skin to taste.

although produce early and postpartum skin crack is more obvious, but the hormone has resumed normal, such as after postpartum depression and lactation are the beginning of the accelerated aging, lactating mothers can be skin care cosmetic rhythm pregnant women commissioner, OEM cosmetics, enhance self-confidence.

of course, this period is to avoid excessive skin, gradually improve skin with mild product functions, different series of pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, deep clean, hydrating, isolation protection to improve maintenance solution for all kinds of skin.

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