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Pregnant with what brand of skincare products good skin care during pregnancy should pay attention to the six o 'clock

by:Zanyu     2020-11-08
During pregnancy because of the effects of progesterone, pregnant mother's skin easily become dull dull, even long spot, so pregnant mother choose to use OEM skin care products to prevent these problems, but in the use of OEM skin care process, the pregnant mother need to pay attention to the following points. 1. Clean. Cleaning is the first priority, pregnancy skin sensitive skin to clean and clean. Wash a face should choose gentle nature of the product, such as rice, soybean milk type belong to the product, etc. 2. Charged with acne. Some mothers face easy long acne, and basic acne products on the market contain hormone, excessive stimulus for pregnant women. Therefore, to choose nature of moderate acne removing products to health. 3. Resistance to dry. Pregnant women especially easy to dry skin, because the skin cutin layer will thickening during pregnancy. Need to drink water, dry skin mothers-to-be to prepare natural moisturizing products. Such as soybean milk nourishing moisturizing cream, contains the various moisturizing factor, can give skin filling water quickly. 4. The spot. According to the survey, 30% of pregnant women after having the baby will grow gestation spot, if use leaded mercury products for the baby is likely to cause harm. As a result, expectant mothers during pregnancy to do a good job of sunscreen, keep happy mood, spot natural won't come out. 5. Prevent bask in. Pregnancy skin especially sensitive to uv light, if at this time do not pay attention to prevent bask in, postpartum easily long spot. Advised to choose excitant small sunscreen sunscreen products such as soy milk, at the same time pay attention to go out with an umbrella. 6. The belly. Belly grain production is mainly due to the influence of pregnancy hormones, belly make skin elastic fibers and collagen fiber damage or fracture may also be affected. Pregnant women use an apple seed extract, olive oil and other ingredients to protect skin to taste the belly line protection is very effective.
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