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Pregnant women 3 big eye week skin avoid maintenance error

by:Zanyu     2020-11-09

to flirt, QiaoXiaoQianXi, charming eyes can let a female power is dye-in-the-wood. But because of the effects of progesterone, black rim of the eye, crow's feet, eyelid edema, and so on question in the eyes of the pregnant mother Zhou Wen emerge, how didn't help either eye cream and careful nursing, took heart and silver are short of eye effect, why? The pregnant mother was eighty percent in eye week maintenance error. Pregnant women OEM skin care products which brand is good? How to correctly maintain eye week, limpid bright eyes?

error 1: daub the eye cream to massage

a pregnant woman to protect skin to taste which brand is good? Eye week skin is very thin fragile, it is easy to damage from the external environment. Many pregnant mother consciousness of maintenance is very good, know to care the eyes as soon as possible, know the choice of rice protoplasmic makes eye cream to protect skin to taste this kind of high reputation of pregnant women. In caring for the eyes, however, a good eye cream is half the success, the other half is daub, simply paste products my face without massage, eye cream can be absorbed, with white paint also; But if massage too, will also accelerate ageing. So, pregnant mother when using rice protoplasmic fu live eye cream, must try to keep the gentle massage technique.

erroneous zone 2: DIY materials apply eye

a pregnant woman to protect skin to taste which brand is good? Raw potato slices apply eye, apple slices and apply the eye, apply eye make up cotton bubble milk & hellip; These folk remedies of word of mouth believe many pregnant mother are seen even tried. But the food even if really contain beneficial to improve black rim of the eye and other eye problems, the active ingredient, but without the quintessence extraction, do not have eye skin permeability is unable to absorb the beneficial ingredients, effect on pigmentation did not improve, the circulation of the blood and no help, more can do only instant hydrated this item. In the eye and eye frost, the introduction of high-tech extraction soybean milk, rice and other food raw materials, rich in beautiful skin nature small molecule essence, effectively not only, also promotes skin easily absorbed.

mistake 3: many apply eye mask

a pregnant woman to protect skin to taste which brand is good? Relative to the everyday use of eye cream, eye mask type belongs to the first aid care product, such as soybean milk is applied, can immediately provide plenty of moisture and nutrients, timely and detumescence, besides can deep nourish eye week, can also urgent relieve eye problems. But is applied as a deep care product cannot apply every day, it is good to use once or twice a week, excessive apply eye mask can lead to nutrition surplus, produce excess oil, easy to produce the fat granule. Every time do eye film also shoulds not be too long, 20 minutes advisable. Therefore, apply eye mask to control time and control cycle, can achieve a good result for OEM skin care.

the pregnant woman skin care products which brand is good? Pregnant women eye week skin vulnerable, so be sure to choose a gentle, multi-effect special eye cream products, easy absorption of pregnant women. In many pregnant women OEM skin care brand, pregnancy skin care brand of eye cream products compare the pregnant mother, including rice protoplasmic fu live eye frost, soybean milk nourishes the firming eye gel, cherry blossom hydraulic moisturizing eye gel products such as long list of sell like hot cakes, highly fashionable skin talent satisafied with beautiful star, mother, father and others.

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