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Pregnant women can use summer which protect skin to taste?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-03

the appearance of a recession, the withering of skin, can bring the negative psychological hint to pregnant mothers. Neck is women ages the focus of the logo, along with the arrival of summer, the neck problem, if not carefully to maintain, the pregnant mother will add age. That summer, how to maintain the neck? Pregnant women can use what skin care products?

a, remove aged horniness regularly

the neck skin easy to accumulate a large amount of dirt, corneous layer thickening, lead to neck, the phenomenon of the bleak. As an industry leader, capable of maintenance of pregnancy, pregnant mother timing on a regular basis for example neck chamfer nursing, remove aged cutin, promote the formation of a new cuticle, reveal the neck skin vitality. At the same time, it is suggested that, during pregnancy to remove neck cutin, choose gel product, should pay attention to when using technique of gently, with a bottom-up tyra massage, helps prevent wrinkles, increase skin elasticity.

2, daily basis does not forget clean

many reactions, attaches great importance to facial cleaning and nursing, chose the soymilk nourish cleanser such a gentle, natural skin care products. After persistent skin maintenance, gradually reduce the blain blain on the face, acne, skin texture has improved. But often there will be a closed neck, chin acne, is this why? Points out that many care too much focus on the face, while ignoring the neck daily maintenance. After cleansing, tend to cleansing foam residues in chin, neck and other places. When mixed residue with grease, dirt, can form dirt adsorption on the surface, cause pore jams, cause blain blain, acne. So skin care during pregnancy, don't forget to take a suitable amount of foam cleanser, in the form of soft looped, gentle massage, wash the neck.

three, selection of skin care products to give priority to with moderate

although easy to accumulate the neck skin aging cutin and residual cleansing, but surface layer cutin is thinner than the face. When choosing to protect skin to taste, therefore, must be as mild as a primary consideration factors, at the same time, be careful not to use dense texture, too greasy skin care products, so as not to bring too much burden to skin, speed up the skin aging. Prenatal care neck, is a good choice to texture clear water embellish, enjoys a good reputation of the industry outside the rice series, earnestly the neck skin filling water filling.

4, with extract oil massage relieve

when the neck has been obvious wrinkles, folds, pregnant mother in addition to do daily cleaning and moisturizing, don't forget to choose essence oil massage relieve, to strengthen the neck skin stratum corneum, as well as increase the elasticity of your skin, fade the cuticle. Gestation, peddled ordinary essence products on the market is not suitable for pregnant women, pregnant women is better or special essence oil, moderate pregnant women. To be repair essence oil is the first pregnant women dedicated essence oil, with up to 30 times pervasive, can probe into the underlying skin nourishing repair, really improve skin texture. Pregnant mother 2 - will be back in the morning and evening After 3 drops on palm looped preheating, bottom-up massage neck again.

if blindly emphasis on facial skin care, and ignored the maintenance of the neck, over time there will be color of skin, skin, great differences affect the temperament of the pregnant mother's overall image. Pregnancy OEM skin care brand called for pregnant mothers, pay attention to the neck skin maintains, and choose to suit their own nature pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, to defend the skin health.

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