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Pregnant women care for their skin, focus on detoxification and healthier

by:Zanyu     2021-06-24

   Pregnant women, the skin is always in a healthy state, and the endless skin problems make the beauty of pregnant mothers seriously compromised. So how do pregnant mothers take care of the skin? In fact, to maintain the healthy state of the skin, it is necessary to care for the skin from the inside to the outside. Only when the content is clean, the skin can show white, radiant and healthy beauty. Therefore, the first step for pregnant women to maintain their skin is to detoxify.

  Causes of skin poisoning

   There are many kinds of toxins that affect the appearance, and the larger toxin is free radicals. Environmental pollution, smoking, drinking and other abnormal daily routines seriously affect the growth rate of free radicals, which leads to spots and fine lines. The dual pressure of external poisons from air pollution, car exhaust, computer radiation and poisons in the body will not only cause great damage to the skin, but also induce the formation of melanin, and it is impossible to completely get rid of it through normal metabolism of the body. .

The first method of    facial detoxification method: choose the right skin care products for pregnant women

   pregnant women skin care products with natural ingredients, food-grade quality assurance, natural skin beautifying factors, soothing pregnant muscles , By replenishing skin moisture, improve skin metabolism and promote skin detoxification. For pregnant women with dry and dark yellow skin, basic care products such as cleansing, hydrating, moisturizing and isolation are more helpful for healthy skin.

The second method of    facial detoxification method: Detoxification massage method

  1. Focus on the junction of the collarbone, face and ears. Start with a deep and gentle massage from both sides of the nose. Continue to the ears, and then slowly pass the clavicle from the forehead along the sides of the face after the comparison.

  2. Use the same gesture to reach the temples from the nose, and then draw a circle from the chin to the cheeks. After comparison, wrap the entire chin with the palm of the hand and slide it back and forth to the base of the ear.

The basic requirements of    massage manipulation:

  1. Maintain continuity of movement and strength.

  2. Master the strength: You must have a certain amount of strength and skill during operation. It refers to the force that directly acts on the body surface, and refers to the force needed to maintain the technique.

  3. Uniformity: The amplitude and speed of the movement must be kept relatively consistent during operation.

  The third method of facial detoxification: eat detoxification fruits and vegetables

  Since most detoxification beauty products are rich in natural detoxification ingredients, then directly consume these fruits or vegetables that are conducive to detoxification. It is also the key to beauty detoxification. Of course, when supplementing detox foods, avoid fried, grilled, biscuits, canned foods and other foods that are easy to accumulate toxins.

   Pomegranate: It is rich in two powerful antioxidants, polyphenols and anthocyanins. It is a super natural detox fruit.

   Apple: Contains a lot of pectin, which decomposes acetic acid in the intestine, which is beneficial to cholesterol metabolism in the body.

   sweet potato: high carotene content, natural alkaline food, has the ability to moisturize the intestines and disinfect, and maintain the body's acid-base balance.

  The fourth method of facial detoxification: regular life

  Skin detoxification not only includes OEM skin care and diet, it should also become an important way of life. It is better to be able to use moderate exercise, Get enough sleep and release emotions to detoxify, so that the skin can gain balance and vitality.

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