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Pregnant women clean skin when common misconceptions

by:Zanyu     2020-11-01

cleansing, is the first step on the pregnant women daily skin care, after the accumulation of dirt and dust cleaning face cleansing, to make the maintenance effect of subsequent to the more thoroughly. But face is not easy to wash clean can, mild cleansing right way, can effectively improve the skin, improve skin problems. If facial cleaning shortcomings or mistakes, not only failed to protect skin, it will damage the skin, make skin problem is more serious. Below we count when pregnant woman skin clean common myth:

one, using powerful cleanser to thoroughly clean

powerful cleanser will remove grease, cause the skin dry and fine lines breeding, dry lines, such as damage and even cause skin allergy. When pregnant women found after cleansing will have symptoms such as redness, fever, and even out skin, at this time should check whether the cleaning products is too strong stimulation, clean too. Pregnant women when washing a face, should choose to pregnant women dedicated cleanser is gentle nature of the cleanser.

2, cleanser, the more the better the results

the function of the cleanser is overmuch, composition is too complex, easy to make the face clean incomplete, even too much functional component will cause skin burden, make the skin can't breathe, influence subsequent pregnant women skin care effect. Actually women when choosing cleanser can follow two standard, and functional. Sex refers to the composition of pregnant women to buy clean face product, functional means can effectively clean the skin, other additional features do not need to be too multifarious.

3, when the weather is hot, many cleansing

when the weather is hot, can appear the skin grease is secreted exuberant, many mama, would be the regular cleansing pitfalls, and always use paper of oil absorption face after facial grease, actually this is wrong. Excessive remove grease can destroy the water oil balance of skin. Suggested that pregnant mother morning and evening facial cleaning, once a day, if under the condition of the hot weather, can increase a clean face. In addition, for the skin give oil is too severe pregnant mothers can targeted select clean face product, natural beeswax cleansing soap is specially designed for oily skin maternal, effectively improve skin give oil, easy to long blain blain, oily skin is pregnant mother's blessing.

4, as long as can clean every corner of the face in the

when clean face should be knead gently wash from down to up, because of the face cutin cell to like fish scales by layers of distribution, in the opposite direction, clean can be more clean. Pregnant women skin clean, in addition to every corner of the face clean in place, also should focus on cleaning the T area, T area pore easy accumulation of dirt, so should rub a few times more. In addition, the location of the temples to edge and temporal hairline easy residue all kinds of OEM cosmetics and gels, so also need to be clean.

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