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Pregnant women expensive seven precautions for pregnant women, pregnant mother, pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2020-11-17

commissioner is put forward, realizing the health of the fetus and perfect skin isn't it too. Because there will be a lot of skin problems, pregnancy and pregnant mother's age are generally in their 30 s, has begun to decline, at this time if you take care, skin is likely to decline of opportunity. In view of the particularity of pregnancy, pregnant mother you should be careful when choosing OEM skin care products, choice of OEM skin care products do not contain hormones during pregnancy and the chemical composition of harmful to the fetus. So is better choice mild pure plant products. Cool and tell on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine plant is not suitable for pregnant women, so when the choice must pay attention to. In addition, containing vitamin E is good for the pregnant woman.

pregnant mother make up seven note

1. Makeup look every time cleaning must be thoroughly, pigmentation.

2。 Makeup look shoulds not be too much, especially the lipstick and foundation.

3。 Use of OEM cosmetics to avoid contain hormones and heavy metals such as copper, mercury, lead, should choose good quality, guaranteed, composition is simple, dominated by natural raw materials, mild nature of the product.

4。 Products used in cleaning, cosmetics firm need not expired products and others.

5。 Pregnancy is not eyeliner, eyebrow, not embroidered red lip, not unplugs brow, converted to a threading knife.

6。 Don't cry because it is during pregnancy conceived of produce and use the whitening products.

7。 Try not to apply lipstick, if you are using, while drinking water before a meal should be erased, harmful substances through the mouth into the matrix.

pregnant mother during pregnancy appears on the face splash deepened phenomenon, is a normal physiological phenomenon, rather than pathological phenomena. Pregnancy is not only the result is bad, but because many creams contain chemicals such as lead, mercury, and certain hormones, long-term use can affect fetal development, has the potential to occur teras.

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