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Pregnant women expensive three big basic principles of the pregnant woman pay attention to

by:Zanyu     2020-11-09
Summarizes the three basic principles of pregnant women OEM skin care. 1, do a good job in basic skincare hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause skin drier than usual, or easier to give oil, some people become fragile skin barrier, it is easy to cause allergies. Therefore, for pregnant women, pregnancy OEM skin care as long as to do a good job of cleaning and moisturizing, maintain the stability of the skin barrier is enough. Choose to protect skin to taste, anti-aging, acne, whitening and these features are give up. Fight decline, acne, whitening products tend to contain the harmful ingredients, should avoid as far as possible. And, as a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy, this kind of functional skincare effect will be greatly reduced. 2, pregnancy is prevented bask in is very important in the first place, a pregnant woman can use sunscreen. After pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body, pregnant women are more likely to grow pregnancy spots. Therefore, pregnant women or do some outdoor activities in the outdoor, Such as walking or swimming) , be sure to use sunscreen, otherwise may cause the areola, the midline, moles and freckles. In order to avoid harmful ingredients, also advised to choose a purely physical sunscreen, main component is a zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. When the sun is very strong, it is better to put up the clothes to cover or wear a sun umbrella 3, avoid to use cosmetic instrument beauty instrument has two kinds, one is micro electric current meter, the other is a radio frequency meter. Micro current meter ( Such as essence import instrument) , even if the current is very small, also can through the whole body skin, may have negative effects on the fetus. In addition, some scale through a small current measurement data through the whole body, also avoid to use!
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