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Pregnant women five spring and sensitive skin care skills

by:Zanyu     2020-11-10
Early spring morning and night temperature difference is large, part of the cold snap is still down in succession, subjected to wet skin and the interaction of two air drying. Prone to problems such as red, itchy, sensitive induced muscle. Many pregnant mothers feel the worry, do not know should how to do spring of skin care. In fact, as long as master the skin care tips, you can do a good job in every step of spring skin. A winter and spring, not potent cleansing product communication, skin metabolism has slowed, although oil secretion increased, but the skin still is in dry condition, the powerful to oil skin cleaning products may cause your fat excessive is cleared, and unable to lock the moisture of the skin, therefore more gentle cleanser should choose properties. Second, the careful choice chamfer simple product a lot of people think chamfer effect and is proportional to the size of the particles, actually otherwise. Only the elbow, knee, heel corneous layer thicker parts, such as products suitable for using coarser particles. Like facial skin delicate parts, if the chamfer simple product with large particles, it will hurt the skin, and the body chamfer simple product and facial chamfer simple product can't use the same paragraph. Three, to pay attention to when spring hydrating maintenance should pay attention to moisture, such as make up water, essence, more want to choose the right amount of oily moist model products, in addition, can increase the amount needed to keep the skin moisturizing and moisture. When choosing to protect skin to taste, can consider product containing oily formula. Four, strong ultraviolet ray to use sunscreen spring, in addition to daily isolation protection, also to start to prevent bask in the agenda, pregnancy spots, freckles melanin precipitation. Five, attaches great importance to the south of the air and wet air, is bound to cause the dry air, in this case, the necessary humidifier in the home, increase the air humidity can effectively relieve dry skin problems, moreover, saddled a bottle filling water spray can also be effective, it's urgent to relieve pregnancy muscle lack of discomfort. In order to achieve the pregnancy after pregnancy skin protection, many pregnant mother can be said to be multi-pronged, not only select the appropriate OEM skin care products for OEM skin care, at the same time also started the aspects from the diet. Spring if you can, in fact, to avoid pregnancy contraindication premise, do a good job keeping in good health, can also bring more in-depth mildly nourish skin.
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